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Squeezing life around the Secrets of a Fat Bird…next instalment

Squeezing life around the Secrets of a Fat Bird…next instalment

This week has been absolutely hectic and I honesty did mean to post as I went along, I put a few bits on Instagram and Facebook but I thought as it’s bank holiday weekend I would take a few minutes to share properly with you all.

Before I go any further I would just like to give a huge plug to the Harrogate quilt show which is happening on Friday 30th, Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September. It will be at the Great Yorkshire show ground and there is lots of free onsite parking. Tickets £9 on the door.

So…the weight loss is still going well, another 2.5lb off this week, which means I only need to loose 1lb for my 3 stone award. Don’t you feel cheated when you jump on the scales and the milestone hasn’t quite been achieved, even though you know that you’ve done well and 2.5 is a great result. I’m beginning to feel ready to start cycling again, however I’ve done something to my knee so I’ve parked that idea until it feels a bit better.

This weeks achievement, fellow fatties, you will get this, the slim Jim’s may take a minute…what is the significance of this photo?

This is the gate I go through most mornings on my dog walk, prior to loosing weight, I manhandled this awful wonky gate every day, which really hurt my neck and shoulders. Over the last couple of weeks I can now climb over the stile. Might seem a small thing to many but to me it’s huge!

Back to the reality of work, we have had a really busy week, being buried under mountains of prep for the Harrogate Quilt show, sending out parcels for Hochanda and creating new designs for future Hochanda TV  shows. If you are outside the UK you can still watch the Hochanda channel live via their website Hochanda.com Our next TV show on 13th September is going to be our last offering of new Christmas designs for 2019 plus a little bit of Halloween/autumn thrown in for good measure. We have a one day special coming up on the 5th and 6th of October and have themed it on Edward Lear’s Owl and the Pussycat,  the cushion below, is just one tiny part of the set; wait til you see the full sized quilt  and other bits and bobs. As if that’s not enough I will also be on the telly on October 13th with even more goodies, including some rather special new designs by Michaela Smith.

The summer holidays continue to rumble on, Leons dance school are running a photo competition for pics of people making dance moves in open spaces, so this is our first effort, I’m sure we will have more attempts too. My young choreographer positioned me doing a ‘dab’.  I loved the heather moor as all the lovely purple is beginning to shine, which always signifies that Harrogate quilt show is near.

To finish off todays post, I came across a photo taken in May last year when I was on my way back from Malvern quilt show. The story goes like this, I had forgotten to fill the van up with diesel and as we got onto the motorway the fuel light came on (aarrgghh!!) So I pulled into the first services with only about 20 more miles in the tank, I was towing the caravan, good ole Dobbin, so probably wouldn’t have even got 20 miles. As we pulled into the garage, you can’t script this, there was a power cut. All the lights went out across the garage in a kind of fabulous Hollywood slow motion style. Stuck in the service station, with nowhere to go, we had no choice but sit there. I was in a bit of a silly giggly mood and as I looked to the pump at the side of me there was a young lad having what you can only describe as a toddler tantrum due to the power cut…what a plonker! I commented to Natters who was sat beside me that the child was wearing girls pumps (not a Mickey take I’d normally do but he was behaving like a baby) and good old natters shrieked OMG! its Dom off Love Island; having never watched this show, the comment was entirely lost on me but hey ho, for the fun of it I called across to him “Oy! Are you Dom off t’telly?” shouted in my best Yorkshire accent, to which the child stopped tantruming, turning round, flashing teeth so white that they would give Rylan Clark Neale a run for his money and replied “Yeh”. By this time Natters is squirming in her seat with embarrassment, having hurriedly filled me in with the show gossip. “Did you get your leg over on’t telly”. “Yeh!” He replies, sticking his chest out proudly, informing me how many hours or days into the series it was before he conquered the female. So just for the fun of it, I asked do you want a selfie? Honestly, I have never seen anyone run for a selfie with as much gusto in my life! I held out the camera but couldn’t reach the blooming button as I”m not a teenager anymore and so not the best with techno. quick as a flash he’s grabbed it out of my hand and as you can see in the pic I’m reaching out to press the button and he’s done it already…I wonder if he’s always this quick to complete with the ladies? Shout out to Natters who’s squirming in the background. Anyhow after war and peace…I came across this pic and tried to recreate the camera angle, and shirt, not easy on your own; I am staggered with he resulting photo, I think you will agree I’ve lost a fair bit of timber (private little whoop whoop.)

That’s all for now folks, if you want to see some of the stuff we’ve been up to have a look on my website www.quiltingantics.co.uk if you can’t see what you are looking for drop me a message on here as I’ve still got quite a few projects to upload.


Thank you


I would just like to say thank you to everyone who supported me at Quilts UK, Malvern and again yesterday on the Hochanda channel. I am delighted with our new designs and I am so glad that you are too. If you haven’t seen them already have a look and see what you think. There is just one more pattern to put on the website and then I’m done and dusted www.quiltingantics.co.uk

hochanda pic

Tree of Life, by Michaela Smith


Summer Meadows Bag by Sue Lenehan

hochanda low tide

Low Tide from Quilting Antics

hochanda seekers

The Seekers from Quilting Antics

new bag pic

Angie Bag by Tracy Ankers

English Country Garden Runner from Quilting Antics

English Country Garden Runner from Quilting Antics

English Country Garden Cushion from Quilting Antics

English Country Garden Cushion from Quilting Antics

It’s such a great feeling when people enjoy your work.

With that said it’s heads down now as we start our Christmas shows on the 29th June!! It sounds bonkers but if you’re a crafter you need the head start in order to meet the deadline.


Rustled these up today…


i pad and i phone

I was messing around this afternoon and I rustled up these swish and stylish tablet and phone cases which have a ribbon mechanism inside so that you can easily draw your device out of the case . Beautiful soft tweed inside and out, means for those of us who are fabric strokers they are a real must have. I can’t take my hands off mine; I’m so pleased with them and they only took just over an hour to make. I’ve written instructions to accompany kits which tell you how to make a case exactly the right size for your own device, the kits which contain everything you need, work out at £15.50 for the tablet case and £9.50 for the phone case. If you want one give us a ring on 01729 824708 or leave a message on here, we have loads of colours to choose from.


Cushion or bag?


flying goose

Clever Sue was playing around and look what she created, this lovely flying goose (still needs a bit of stitch detail adding.) We thought that she could add a flying geese strip…or two and then make it into something, we are pondering what would be best, a bag or a cushion? What do you think? She has chosen a beautiful duck egg blue wool tweed for the background with cotton fabrics for the applique. We have picked out some beautiful tweed plaids to go with this panel in gorgeous dusky pinks; even at this stage it looks totes amazeballs!

We have had a brilliant tack and chat session this morning, the table was full of chatter and exciting projects. Jean was finishing her Jennie Rayment Suduko cushion, if its finished in time she will be able to show Jennie when she comes to stay with us in July (spaces available if you are interested) Jennie will be doing her tucked and pleated circles with us. We also had Karen making another rag rug, however Karen’s rugs are nothing like us mere mortals would make, check out the photos below of these carved, textural extravaganzas.



I love tack and chat day!

Shirley Bloomfield is going to be with us yippee!

Shirley Bloomfield is going to be with us yippee!


I am so very very excited to let you know that Shirley Bloomfield will be with us in May 2015 to teach us how to make her wild flower basket. The flowers are 3D you can actually put your finger up inside the fox gloves and almost pick the other blooms

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Tack and chat



Well the world was well and truly put to rights this morning at our tack and chat session. Everything from racism, stockings and suspenders to air ambulance fund raising. I love tack and chat. As Eileen says, there’s not much that can’t be sorted out round our table! Land round for a brew, if your at a loose end on a Wednesday morning…Kettle’s always on!



It’s been a long time coming but I have finally gotten round to updating the class list. If you would like to book onto any of our classes you can do so by either messaging me on here or by ringing the shop on 01729 824708

Classes cost £20 which does not include materials but you will get 10% off anything you buy on a class day (except sewing machines where class discount is 5%)

There are a few pics which I don’t have available yet. A full list of classes is available by clicking on the workshops and classes tab at the top of this page. I hope you like what we have on offer and don’t forget if you fancy learning a technique you don’t see here let us know and we’ll arrange something. Alternatively you can book exclusive classes if you are coming with a group of friends (minimum numbers apply.)

Good Night Betty Beesley



Quilting Antics is far more than just a shop, we are a community, a place where people can come and ‘be.’ We share a common interest in crafting, we pride ourselves on the community that we have built, as good ole’ Diz says, “there’s not much that can’t be sorted out round our table” and she is absolutely spot on.

Well, having said all that today has been a sad day as we have said good bye to one of our own. Betty Beesley embodied everything that we stand for; a wonderful larger than life character, whose pride and joy was her family, her friends and her crafting. Betty used to call in for a cuppa and a natter and we absolutely loved her.

Betty you will be very much missed, good night and God bless. x

6th May 1938 to 23rd April 2014

Memories of the Great War in Stitch


I ‘googled’ Le Beffroi Arras 1914 and the following once I used Google Translate is copied and pasted below.
After the defeat of Charleroi, the French troops must withdraw. Arras is then declared an open city . The Germans occupy a few days, from 6 to 8 September 1914. The French offensive against German forces troops to leave the city but these remain firmly entrenched and during a month of heavy fighting will take place around Arras.

On the morning of October 6, 1914 , the German heavy artillery opened fire on the town. This are just the beginnings of future bombings. On 7 October 1914 , incendiary shells fell on the town. The Town Hall is in flames. October 21, 1914, from 10:30 to 11:20 , the Belfry is targeted. In just 50 minutes , it is in ruins . From 5 to 7 July 1915 , the palace and the cathedral Saint -Vaast already affected during bombardment of October 6 , in turn, are systematically targeted . In two days, the shells because of these monuments, rebuilt in the eighteenth century by Cardinal de Rohan.

Other important buildings were partially or totally destroyed as a result of the bombing :

The churches of Saint John the Baptist, Saint Nicolas and Saint Gery
Chapels of Our Lady of Ardent , the Poor Clares , of Chariottes , of Providence, Augustinian …
The seminary buildings including the chapel of the Blessed Sacrament
The Palace of Justice (former hotel States Artois ) , the Theatre, the former Jesuit Novitiate , the Prefecture ( former Episcopal Palace).
Normal School , the Municipal College , College girls , the Institution Saint Joseph Boarding Jeanne d’ Arc, the Institution of deaf and blind children …
A steel deluge hit the city of Arras. The number of shells fired during a single day, June 26, 1915 is estimated at 15,000. At Arras, the dividing line between the two armies was close to the city, only at a distance of 800 to 1200 meters.
The record of destruction is dramatic. In addition to the civil and religious monuments , it’s the planning that is disrupted . Great and Little squares and the streets of Taillerie linking them, are destroyed. This urban fifteenth and sixteenth century included 150 Spanish- style buildings Flemish : 45 buildings were completely destroyed and other damage.

Quilt Retreat with Susan Briscoe


susan 3


Japanese Sashiko  was traditionally used to reinforce points of wear, or repair worn places with patches in clothing, this running stitch technique is often used for purely decorative purposes in quilting and embroidery. The white cotton thread on the traditional indigo blue cloth gives sashiko its distinctive appearance.

Susan Briscoe is arguably the queen of Japanese Sashiko, certainly here in the UK. Big drum roll…Susan is going to be at Quilting Antics, teaching our retreat from Friday 30th May to Sunday 1st June. She will teach a one day beginners class on Friday 30th May and then the retreat will begin at 4.30 pm Friday to 4.30 pm Sunday 1st of June; Susan will take you from the beginnings of Sashiko right through to starting to design your very own family crest!

susan 1


This is one of Susan’s pieces of work, I’m not sure we will get to this standard in a weekend but we’ll give it our best shot!


To book or find out more information you can either e mail me at info@quiltingantics.co.uk or ring the shop on 01729 824708