So Christmas is going to come, then its going to go and whether I’m ready or not won’t make the slightest difference to that fact! Every year I promise myself that I will be more organised next year but guess what? I’m not…this year though there is a difference…we have been flat out preparing new samples for t’telly which I am planning to hand deliver when I turn up for my one day special on New Years Eve (much excitement here.) These goodies will then be launched on air on January 20th yay!

We have created ten, yes ten new designs associated with your sewing room, transporting things to class and general showing off! I am really pleased with the projects so far, I hope you will like them too Here’s a little taste of a couple of them. Oh and please scroll to the bottom and have a sneaky peak of an amazing¬†calendar I will post more about in the next couple of days.


This will be a block keeper when it grows up. For you to store all your blocks safe and flat, whilst your project builds to completion.


Just a glimpse of our Pussy Galore work bag. It has cute pussys all the way round the outside.


Mermen for Mind 20129 calendar