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We’ve been papped!!

We’ve been papped!!

It has been a really exciting day today because we have had a visit from the Craven Herald (our local rag) and if you ‘bear with’ I’ll tell you why.

A couple of years ago I made a quilt which I planned to raffle for charity…big do’s and little do’s I never got round to it.

Anyhow, when I opened the shop last year and started meeting lots of new people, many of whom are now cherished friends, I met Kate. Kate Lockwood is a prolific fundraiser for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. During conversation I told Kate about the quilt that I had made and I offered it to her in order to raise more funds for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Kate registered herself in order to officially hold raffles and we set about selling tickets. We sold tickets locally and also at shows such as Yarndale, The Great Northern Quilt Show and The Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate. In total we raised £558.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved, to Kate, the WI’s who sold loads of tickets and every person who bought a ticket. The winner was a lady called Anthea from Harrogate (great name.) I hope you will get many years of enjoyment from it. Below is a picture of the quilt. I hope you will agree it is lovely.

raffle quilt

 Gillian is displaying the cheque which we presented to a lovely lady called Ruth who was representing Yorkshire Air Ambulance.  It says £550 which was a typo by me the actual total is £558. Good effort everyone!P1060148

Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton;

15 months ago we started our first sampler quilt course at Quilting Antics. I remember that first session so well, there was hardly a sound 9 ladies, most of whom had never met before, sat in silence headaches developing because they were concentrating so very hard. By session 10 however you could barely hear yourself think because this new group of firm friends were chattering so much…it was wonderful!

Our ladies have all come on in leaps and bounds developing their skills every time they visit the shop. Today I want to share with you parts of Mandy’s journey. If I told you that the first session reduced Mandy to a quivering wreck you wouldn’t believe me now but its true…she was!!!!!


This is Mandy’s interpretation of Happy Scrappy Christmas, there is an unsaid competition among the students to ‘bling’ this wall hanging up, so it will be interesting to see what finishing touches Mandy adds.


Next comes Mandy’s textured landscape. All our students made their own landscapes from views which were important to them, I love how this one conjures up the Middleton’s farm.


Mandy came to our woven baskets class, the background and the basket are both made of woven fabric and dare I say it, Mandy’s sample is better than the class one (oops.)


A while back we ran a class on bag making, Mandy took her skills and has now created her own bag, to her own specifications clever lady!


This block is one from the improvers sampler quilt course Mandy now attends and is a twisted log cabin, basically taking the regular log cabin block and building on the design to take it to the next stage



Finally, look at this unique pheasant design which Mandy has appliqued to go into her improvers quilt.

Just see how your skills can quickly build and your confidence grow at our classes. If you fancy taking part in any of our classes, you can find out what we are offering by clicking the workshops and classses tab at the top of this page. Ring the shop on 01729 824708 to check on availability and we can book your place for you.

From quilting antics www.quiltingantics.co.uk


Tracy’s Fairy’s



Tracy’s fairy’s are just sooo sweet. I think that we will be producing fairy kits with the ton of stuff left over from this class. I asked Diz to create a few different looks as a starting point. We could have Christmas fairy’s, valentine ones, halloween, spring, wedding the possibilities are endless.
I love this one it is beautiful and reminds me of sleeping beauty

Shouldn’t every crafter have a scrumptious tray of bits and beads like these?


I’m sure a beautiful princess will emerge by the end of the day.

Bead and button arms are made by arranging beads and buttons of different sizes in a line and then threading them onto thread.


IMG_1292I love how Erika has made her fairy’s hair out of garden string! She has wound it round and round  and then couched it down using a contrasting thread which makes it look like the fairy hair has been braided.


So much going on, I love it when the tables are full of happy crafters and their things.


So stylish, she looks very attractive.IMG_1295


Is that a little beaded choker round her neck?
IMG_1296Fabulous dah’ling simply fabulous.

Even better we will be doing it all again on the 25th of October and there are still places left if you want to come.

Night night for now. Anthea 😉

Revisiting old friends



I have had a lovely day today at Denholme craft group in West Yorkshire. I visited the girls earlier this year and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon; so I was delighted when I was invited to return. What a lovely friendly atmosphere it is there, I wished I lived nearer so that I could take part. I took a van load of my £6 per metre fabric and as you can see it didn’t take the girls long to get stuck in. (If you would like me to visit your group, anywhere in the UK get in touch and I would be happy to arrange a visit.)IMG_1281

The last time I went lots of the ladies bought Denise Maguires Quiltofax pattern from me and as you can see above two of them have made a lovely job of doing it. It is really good to see that our patterns work! The Quiltofax is a natty sewing roll with heaps of pockets to store all your important sewing  bits and bobs in one place.


A big thank you and a ho ho ho to Denholme Rural Crafters 😉


Wonderfil Thread


It’s here! It has arrived! The eagle has landed! One small step for quilt kind bla bla bla…

The lovely Eddie from Wonderfil brought our gorgeous selection of threads this week we now have the full ranges of…

WonderFil Product Sheet.indd

Tutti 50 wt 100% Egyptian cotton (variegated), double gassed & mercerized. Tutti is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, embroidery, general sewing, and piecing. Available in 41 variegated colors in 1093yd (1000m) spools. £8.40 each

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork




WonderFil Product Sheet.indd



Frutti 12 wt 100% Egyptian cotton, double gassed and mercerized. Fruitti is great for quilting, longarming, topstitching, decorative stitching, and hand embroidery. Available in 41 variegated colors in 437yd (400m) spools. £8.40 each.

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork, crafts





WonderFil Product Sheet.indd



Spaghetti 12 wt 100% Egyptian cotton, double gassed and mercerized. Spagetti is great for quilting, longarming, topstitching, decorative stitching, and sashiko. Available in 41 colors in 437yd (400m). £7.00 each

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork, crafts





Konfetti 50 wt 100% Egyptian cotton, double gassed & mercerized. Konfetti is fantastic for quilting, longarming, thread painting, embroidery, general sewing, and piecing. Available in 60 colors in 1093yd (1000m) spools. £7.00 each.

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork






WonderFil Product Sheet.indd

invisifil 100 wt cottonized soft polyester. Tone on tone, InvisaFil virtually disappears. InvisaFil is perfect for stitch in the ditch, bobbin thread for delicate machine embroidery, top & bottom thread for couching, lace designs, hand & machine appliqué, quilting, longarming, and excellent for fine fabrics. Available in 60 colors in Mini Packs of six 433yd (396m) spools. £10.60 each.

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, handwork






DecWonderFil Product Sheet.inddobob 80 wt cottonized polyester. DecoBob creates high definition for any quilt stitch. It’s great as a bobbin thread for machine embroidery, top & bottom thread for quilting, quilt construction, all purpose sewing including button holes, digitized lace designs, and excellent for hidden stitching. Available in 36 colors in 2187yd (2000m) spools. £8.60 each.

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines, sergers, handwork






Spotlight 40 wt metallic thread that is smooth running and soft to the touch. Runs at up to 1000 spm with domestic and embroidery machines. Spotlite is a brilliant and dynamic thread that is great for machine embroidery, quilting, decorative stitching, thread painting, and couching other threads and fibres. Available in 40 colors in 1093yd (1000m) spools. £12.20 each.

Use in: sewing machines, embroidery machines, quilting machines




In true Quilting Antics (on a wing and a prayer) fashion I have not got these products anywhere near looking like they are ready for the web, www.quiltingantics.co.uk so if you want to place an order for the time being ring the shop and tell us what you need and we will post it right off. 01729 824708

Yorkshire Air Ambulance Quilt


raffle quilt

The other day I shared my quilt pic (winner of the Langcliffe show) with you but silly bugger me, I forgot to tell you that the reason I entered this particular quilt is because I wanted to give it some publicity, it is being raffled in aid of Yorkshire Air Ambulance and lets face it, living up in the dales we see it fly over at least every week rescuing crag hoppers, pot holers and motor bikers among others from around the district; so a very worthwhile cause as you never know when it will be your turn. If you would like a chance to win this beauty, if I may be so bold, you can buy your ticket from my shop at Watershed mill, Settle or from the Great northern Quilt Show Harrogate show this weekend.

And the winner of the quilt class is…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Saturday was Langcliffe Horticultural show (my local show) so I entered one of my quilts (not my own design) and I won, so I’m cock-a-hoop! I clicked photos of the exhibits which were on show when I arrived to drop my quilt off so apologies if I haven’t clicked yours. The standard was brilliant especially as its only the second ever Horticultural show in Langcliffe. Well done to everyone involved.

Frixion Pens in stock now



Lately people have been talking about a new kind of pen called a Frixion pen. It is a brilliant idea, you draw on, or mark your fabric any way that you like and then when you want the lines to disappear, apply heat ( posh way of saying iron) and the pen marks instantly disappear. As you can see, they come in 8 different colours and are priced at £2.99 so cheap as chips. We now have all the colours in stock.

And the winner of the prize draw is…




I have been meeting myself coming backwards since I came back from the Festival of Quilts; which is why I didn’t get round to announcing the winner of my prize draw. By complete coincidence Barbara came in the shop today and was able to choose her own cutter, nice one Barbara, well done!

Jennie Rayment new places available!


Jennie Rayment pic

Unfortunately a group of ladies have had to cancel at the last minute from Jennie Rayment’s retreat at Malham in North Yorkshire next weekend. The good news is that it means I now have some extra places, if you would like to come, get in touch with us by ringing the shop on 01729 824708 as soon as possible. We can supply ready cut kits of fabric so that you are not panicking at the last minute if you would like to come. (This applies to people already booked on if you let us know if you want fabric and we can get kits chopped up for you.)

If you are coming and need a few extra directions on how to get there, I have added another tab at the top of the blog called High Trenhouse directions where I have put some photos of road turnings and landmarks to help you out. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Anthea x