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Fat Bird on’t telly


Hello boys and girls, is it really a week since I last checked in with you? So much has happened this week that I think I may have forgotten most of it!

So we began the week in chaos, nothing new there! Hazel has begun chopping and lopping the kits ready for our One Day Special on’t telly on the 5th and 6th of October. We are at very very long last ready to launch the first quilt that Sue and I ever designed together, it is our interpretation of The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. Returning to a project FIVE years after it was born is not without its trials but thankfully things are going ok so far…phew. We are in the process of adding five additional projects to go with the quilt I have shared the cushion below, which I teased you with previously, we have made it circular but it would look equally as good on a square. Over the coming weeks I might tease you with some more.


The owl and the pussycat

I closed the working week on’t telly with a whole different set of stuff! It has been no mean feat this week, I have written two books one on Halloween and the other on Christmas projects, thankfully I have a great team around me nowadays or none of this would happen. So a big thank you to you all. Below is a Christmas pudding doorstop made by Sue.


Weigh in this week went really well 2Lb off yay! so that is 3 stone 3.5lb in total and it feels good, more people are noticing that I’ve dropped a bit of timber and that puts a skip in my step. I’ve gone down another dress size, yippee! On the down side the new jeans are cutting a bit round the waist and I feel a bit like a sack of spuds tied in the middle. I haven’t had a chance to get the bike out again this week but knowing I can now do it is so reassuring.


I made a pan of soup this morning so that I can trough on it when I’m desperate, its very simple and very yummy. Here’s the recipe so you can try it too, obviously you will tweak it to your taste.

  • pack of lean bacon, diced.
  • 1cm of ginger, peeled and chopped.
  • two or three cloves of garlic, copped or pressed.
  • stick or two of celery, chopped.
  • an onion, chopped.
  • two or three carrots, chopped.
  • one or two potatoes, diced, no need to peel.
  • tin of chopped tomatoes, tipped in pan.
  • cup full of red lentils, thrown in pan.
  • good tablespoon of medium curry powder.
  • enough chicken stock to cover (knorr stock cube.)

Lob everything in the pan and pop a lid on. Bring to the boil if you have a gas hob, simmer for 10 mins and leave to cool in the pan. If you have an electric hob once the pan is boiling, switch the hob off and leave the pan on the ring until it cools.

When the soup is ready chop a handful of fresh coriander and stir it in. Keep the soup in a plastic container in the fridge and reheat a bowl full in the microwave as required, I use half power for 3 mins stir the soup and then full power for 3 mins. Perfect, nom nom nom.

I had a passenger this week when I went to tellyland, Sue came with me and we had her screen tested because she is going to present the Owl and the Pussycat with me. She did really well and passed with flying colours.


I had an exciting text tonight off Sue, telling me that one of our beginners on Michaela’s quilt class has just got first prize at her local show for her beginners sampler quilt. Well done Catherine, it is lovely.

I should actually say we are doing a new beginners course starting in October, there are still a few places available, if you are interested get in touch. 01729 824708 or leave me a message on here.


Finally to end the week, we have had a full weekend of auditions with the little man. Two auditions for Opera North yesterday and another with the Upstagers today for their panto. So we are eagerly awaiting news of how he did. Yesterday he did well in one audition, whilst in the other didn’t get to the final stage. Todays panto audition is looking good, so keep your fingers, toes and everything crossed for him, I’ll let you know next week if there’s any news.


My rock and roll lifestyle, writing patterns whilst Leon is in an audition.












Have a great week everyone and I’ll see a little bit less of you all next week !

Kirstie’s Handmade Fair Hampton Court


the handmade fair logo

I am so excited to tell you that our Michaela has been accepted to teach in Kirstie’s grand make at The Handmade Fair, Hampton Court from the 16th to the 18th of September under the banner of Quilting Antics. This is so exciting, I have seen some of her ‘mock ups’ for the tweed brooches that she will be teaching and in true Michaela style they are simple but sensational. Her workshops will be at 10am each day of the show and I think tickets go on sale from tomorrow on The Handmade Fair website. Book early to avoid disappointment.

August is Christmas time for crafters


advent calendar pic

Oh my golly gosh! I collected this amazing advent calendar from Michaela Smith yesterday; she is going to teach it as a class for us on the 5th of September which is the first Saturday of the month.

The calendar is made from a combination of cotton and tweed fabrics with a bit of Christmas bling in the form of gold on the windows.

I will prepare a kit so that everyone has all the right bits and bobs, kit price to follow as soon as I’ve worked it out. If you would like a place you can either let me know on here or by ringing the shop on 01729 824708

eek I’m so excited!

New class dates!

New class dates!

If you would like to join us to make any of the projects that I have listed today, you can either message me on here, call in the shop or ring us on 01729 824708 to reserve your place. I hope you like all the goodies that we have got

Adorable Felted Toadstools

Adorable Felted Toadstools

I really want to share these pics with you. A lovely lady called Lisa came in to see us the other day and she brought in her beautiful felted creations. I loved them so much that I persuaded Lisa to come back and do a class creating toadstool houses, have a peak at her work it is exquisite or as we like to say here totes amazeballs!

P1080049Look at these characters from the Gruffalo, we love this story at our house.

P1080050Ah these are the houses, so cute, I want to put them in the garden to see if they will attract fairies.



P1080053I’m in love, I want a bunny!

P1080054Magnificent Malificent! She is awesome, the question is do you play with her or look at her?

P1080055This is a better shot of the toadstool houses, do you fancy coming to the class?


P1080057If you want to see more of Lisa’s work try Googling Heartfelt Creations by Lisa

Shirley Bloomfield is going to be with us yippee!

Shirley Bloomfield is going to be with us yippee!


I am so very very excited to let you know that Shirley Bloomfield will be with us in May 2015 to teach us how to make her wild flower basket. The flowers are 3D you can actually put your finger up inside the fox gloves and almost pick the other blooms

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So much to tell you, where do I start?

So much to tell you, where do I start?

Oh my golly gosh, so much has happened lately that I don’t know where to start; today I will share with you our wonderful weekend retreat with Pat Archibald who is an incredibly talented quilt artist from Edinburgh. The first day was spent in our shop making gorgeous Indian elephants.


Ten ladies joined us and we had a brilliant time. I hope you enjoy the slide show of the day

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At the end of a wonderful day with lots of shared giggles. We decamped to High Trenhouse where after a fantastic supper Pat took us around the world in 80 quilts, sharing many of her beautiful quilts with us. We looked at how and why she creates the ghost images which appear in many of her quilts. Here is some of the work she shared.

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On Saturday morning the real work started, with the retreat getting fully underway. I love how we meet as a group of strangers and over such a short period of time, using shared experiences, we part as friends.

However Saturday did start with a near catastrophe…the power went off! Oh noooo! Up there in the wilds of High Trenhouse that may not necessarily mean a quick blip. So all the sewing machines were out of action. Not to be deterred  Pat had a plan B; unfortunately for plan B to be achieved we needed the irons to set the Markal paint…to the rescue…Grandma Annie…or at least her old dry iron, quickly followed up by Bernadette’s old flat iron which were popped on the AGA and worked like a treat, I couldn’t believe how long they stayed hot for.

The power cut lasted until lunchtime, which was about the time the ironing was finished, meaning all’s well that ends well.

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We had a fabulous lunch and dessert then back to class and crack on with the job in hand. I hope you will agree that the slideshow shows what a great weekend we had. Following the success Pat has agreed to come back next August and show us how to do her Celtic designs.  Also breaking news I have managed to secure a retreat with Shirley Bloomfield to do her wild flower basket in May next year. If you would like to join us let us know by booking your place on 01729 824708

New term begins

New term begins

This week has seen the start of our new autumn term. Friday was Rachel’s new beginners class, today was Michaela’s advanced class and tomorrow will see Michaela start a new weekend beginners class. Exciting times ahead, I love it when the new classes start and there are new friends to add to our ever expanding quilt community. I snapped a few pics yesterday as the new girls learned how to do rail fence, log cabin and courthouse steps.

At 11 o’clock yesterday morning we had a table of terrified newbys and by 4.30 a group of budding new friends with completed blocks, well done girls.

Also today I would like to pay tribute to Alan Henning a very brave man, murdered yesterday by terrorists. May God bless your soul. Rest in Peace.

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I’ve had a little word with myself…

I’ve had a little word with myself…

OK, so, its no secret this has been one extremely tough year for me, both professionally and personally but as my daughter Gem would say, I’ve ‘given my head a little wobble’, had a word with myself’ and here I am, bouncing back! Quilting Antics is still here and from now on the only way is up, up, up! There have been times this year when I’ve been a bit of an ostrich but hey ho, that’s my way of dealing with things sometimes. So to anyone who has been frustrated because I haven’t as we say in Yorkshire been ‘framing myself’ I apologise and from today will be getting back to business. I look forward to sharing many blog posts with you and hope that you will stay tuned.

Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean we haven’t been having any Antics, in fact just the opposite we have had quite a few which I’ll fill you in with over the next few posts. Today though I want to share with you a class we did with Michaela Smith on bear making, simply because I loved them so much and its as good a place as any to start, awwwwwww.


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next post

next post

P1060884P1060884Our Denise is a clever clogs, look at this superb sewing machine cover decorated with pockets and raw edged applique. If you would like to make one please feel free to add your name to the list either by messaging me on here or ringing the shop on 01729 824708

If you don’t need a cover for your machine there are plenty of other things you could cover, I think Judy is making a cover for her Kenwood!



Then as if the sewing machine cover wasn’t enough Denise has also made this small reversible quilt using the Quilt as you go method. If you would like to learn how to do this great technique, which will mean you never have to struggle to get a big quilt under your machine in one go, let us know and you would be very welcome to join the class. We set dates last Thursday for both these projects and the classes were full by Friday so we have had to set extra dates!