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Time to pull your finger out girl!

Time to pull your finger out girl!

Once again I’m trying to get going with this blinking electronic stuff! AARRGGHH!!

I’d like to promise that I’m going to be a good blogger and keep it up but life, as we’ve noticed, has a habit of getting in the way, anyway here’s a quick catch up… First of all I have been updating the commercial website and the good news is that it should be open again in a few days YAY!

The spring show season has just come to an end for me at Sandown Park Racecourse and I now have two months of craziness preparing for the autumn season; that thought is bonkers as it’s still only June isn’t it?

If we’ve met up over the last few months you will know that I have been selling increasing amounts of British wool tweed. As this is still a fairly new medium for British patchwork and quilters to use we have been producing as many kits and patterns as we can to inspire you and give you ideas on how to use it. I absolutely love tweed, it is so satisfying to work with; the only thing I do differently to when I’m sewing, with cotton, is to reinforce my seams with either an overlock, zig zag or equivalent automatic machine stitch so that the seams do not fray. As an added bonus, the cost of the tweed is offset because there is no need for wadding between the layers of your throws.

The little man has taken up dancing recently and I find that three days a week I am passing the time hand stitching at Sanderson’s World of Dance in Nelson whilst he is strutting his stuff, this has led me to realise that my sewing roll was not up to the job because my bits and bobs fall out of it, so one of the many patterns that we have produced is for a more contained piece if kit to store everything in. To that end, what do you think to my ‘Measure Twice’ sewing case?

insideThere are two pencil cases to store my pens and my rotary cutter, a huge pin cushion, brass loops to hold embroidery thread, large pocket for glasses and mobile phone, needle case, scissor holder, bobbin holder and then large outer pockets for stuffing patterns in.


I was a bit disappointed with the photos as they don’t do it full justice but I hope you will like it. If you want to buy a copy give us a ring on 01729 824708 we can also arrange to sell it in kit form.

Also what do you think to my Doorstop Diva’s? They were so easy to make and are set off by the huge wooden buttons. I may revisit this pattern and really go to town decorating them when I get a chance. For now if you want a copy or a kit give us a ring.

bradley bag pic 1

Have you got any ideas for things we can create with the tweed? If so let me know and I will have a bash. Thats it for now folks so hopefully I’ll be back again soon toodleoo 🙂

Cushion or bag?


flying goose

Clever Sue was playing around and look what she created, this lovely flying goose (still needs a bit of stitch detail adding.) We thought that she could add a flying geese strip…or two and then make it into something, we are pondering what would be best, a bag or a cushion? What do you think? She has chosen a beautiful duck egg blue wool tweed for the background with cotton fabrics for the applique. We have picked out some beautiful tweed plaids to go with this panel in gorgeous dusky pinks; even at this stage it looks totes amazeballs!

We have had a brilliant tack and chat session this morning, the table was full of chatter and exciting projects. Jean was finishing her Jennie Rayment Suduko cushion, if its finished in time she will be able to show Jennie when she comes to stay with us in July (spaces available if you are interested) Jennie will be doing her tucked and pleated circles with us. We also had Karen making another rag rug, however Karen’s rugs are nothing like us mere mortals would make, check out the photos below of these carved, textural extravaganzas.



I love tack and chat day!

Sudoku with Jennie Rayment


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We have had the most wonderful weekend retreat with Jennie Rayment at High Trenhouse, Malham. We spent the weekend making Sudoku cushions. Jennie showed us all how to twiddle and fiddle fabric into the most spectacular blocks. The weekend was perfect, great company, heaps of freshly home cooked food, comfortable en suite rooms, honesty bar and all in beautiful surroundings; unspoiled countryside to all sides perfect for Jennie’s morning run or a refreshing stroll in the evening after class.
The slideshow shows how our work progressed from a selection of squares through to finished cushions. Jennie was wonderfully generous sharing her knowledge freely throughout the retreat showing people how to get the most out of their machines using all manner of different feet to add embellishments and piping with hilarious anecdotes added for great measure.
We are planning another retreat in the summer of 2015 where Jennie will show us how to twiddle her circles; if you are interested in coming please feel free to get in touch either on here, by e mail info@quiltingantics.co.uk or ring the shop on 01729 824708

I would just like to acknowledge that this blog has recently been getting visited regularly from Azerbaijan so I would like to welcome you to my blog and hope that you will continue to enjoy it.

Jennie Rayment’s incredibly entertaining lecture…not for the faint hearted!


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I had heard Jennie’s reputation many times over however nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for the hilarious hour and a half of anecdotes from eggs blowing up in hotel bathrooms to bunny girl; I don’t think that I have laughed so much for ages.  About 30 people turned up to listen to Jennie and it was well worth it, no one was disappointed . Wow what an icebreaker…Jennie will take some beating after this performance!

Jennie Rayment’s Quilt Retreat for Quilting Antics


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The first day of our quilt retreat has been fantastic, everyone was so excited to be part of Jennie Rayment’s class. After a few complaints about my directions because I am rubbish at lefts and rights (oops, directions are now amended properly) we had a fantastically successful day. It is the first time that Quilting Antics have used High Trenhouse and I can highly recommend it; the venue is amazing, the service superb, the food mouthwatering and entirely home cooked fresh for each meal. Sewing in such beautiful surroundings taught by Jennie Rayment was simply the icing on the cake. I hope you enjoy the slideshow, if you want to come to any of our retreats you can do so by e mailing me or by ringing the shop on 01729 824708. Click the retreats tab at the top of the page to see our up to date list.

Frixion Pens in stock now



Lately people have been talking about a new kind of pen called a Frixion pen. It is a brilliant idea, you draw on, or mark your fabric any way that you like and then when you want the lines to disappear, apply heat ( posh way of saying iron) and the pen marks instantly disappear. As you can see, they come in 8 different colours and are priced at £2.99 so cheap as chips. We now have all the colours in stock.

And the winner of the prize draw is…




I have been meeting myself coming backwards since I came back from the Festival of Quilts; which is why I didn’t get round to announcing the winner of my prize draw. By complete coincidence Barbara came in the shop today and was able to choose her own cutter, nice one Barbara, well done!

Jennie Rayment new places available!


Jennie Rayment pic

Unfortunately a group of ladies have had to cancel at the last minute from Jennie Rayment’s retreat at Malham in North Yorkshire next weekend. The good news is that it means I now have some extra places, if you would like to come, get in touch with us by ringing the shop on 01729 824708 as soon as possible. We can supply ready cut kits of fabric so that you are not panicking at the last minute if you would like to come. (This applies to people already booked on if you let us know if you want fabric and we can get kits chopped up for you.)

If you are coming and need a few extra directions on how to get there, I have added another tab at the top of the blog called High Trenhouse directions where I have put some photos of road turnings and landmarks to help you out. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Anthea x

Jenny Rayment Requirements


Here are the requirements for Scrappy Zappy Do – Friday’s day class



to make the coloured wiggle choose to cut either

Twenty 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6”) half square triangles – Colour (Select either 20 different colours or repeat 10 colours twice or any other combination of tints tones or shades that you choose.)
To make a 15 x 15 cm (6 x 6”) half square – cut one 15 cm (6″) square and cut in half diagonally.


Ten 15 cm (6”) squares – Colour (Cut each square in half diagonally making two triangles)

In addition you will need:

Ten 17.5 cm (6 7/8”) squares – Black
75 x 115 cm (30 x 44”) – Black borders and binding

Selection of fabric strips in different widths and lengths for striped border


Three 5 x 115 cm (2 x 44”) strips

General sewing accessories + thread to match fabrics and invisible/nylon filament
Rotary Cutter/ 12″ Ruler and small mat
Camera – for taking photos of stage samples
Spectacles if required
Friday Lecture

Totally Tucked Up!
Latest collection of nipped, tucked and twiddled quilts, garments and bags plus yet more hilarious anecdotes from the Mistress of Muslin and Calico Queen. Serge into sewing, manoeuvre a manipulation and tweak a little texture – it is fast, fun and frivolous!

Weekend Retreat

Texture into Sudoku

sudoku part

Nine ingenious ways to create surface texture and manipulated magic. Create all nine ideas in class and combine to create an amazingly marvellously nipped, tucked, twiddled and fiddled panel with a little added extra embellishment.

These designs can be made from one colour or use a variety of shades.

Batiks/plain coloured/hand-dyed cotton, silk or other natural fabrics with no obvious right/wrong side are a good choice of material.

If desired, pre-wash all materials but use a spray starch when pressing to restore ‘body’.

If using all calico (USA muslin) – it is advisable to select a medium-weight rather than a light-weight weave.

It is appreciated that students prefer to complete or almost complete their class sample and each class is carefully designed so this should be possible.

All classes are suitable for every level of sewing ability.


Please cut all pieces before class

(Completed block 12″ square)

1. Bias Block: Three 4½” squares

2. Interlocked Squares: Five 4½” squares

3. Petal Pattern: Four 2½” squares + Four 4½” x 2½” rectangles

4. Crossed Tucks: One 7½” square + Four 2″ squares

5. Origami Twist: One 8″ square

6. Fancy Fandango: Two 8″ squares + One 4½” square

7. Flower: One 7″ square + One 4½” square

8 & 9 Tucked Blocks: One 9½” x 10″ strip (This strip is enough fabric for both blocks)

TIP: Cut one 4½” strip full width of fabric – divide into the required number of squares and rectangles

75 cm extra material for backing and borders and extra inserts

20 cm square wadding – 2oz polyester or similar cotton/wool wadding

Piping cord and 15″ zip if making panel into a cushion (Optional)

Sewing machine, foot control, all presser feet + instruction book

Thread to match fabric (polyester or cotton machine thread) plus other coloured threads and/or thin yarns for extra embellishment on tucked edges

Notepad, pencil,

12″ ruler + general sewing accessories

Rotary cutting mat, cutter and ruler (if possessed)