Rustled these up today…


i pad and i phone

I was messing around this afternoon and I rustled up these swish and stylish tablet and phone cases which have a ribbon mechanism inside so that you can easily draw your device out of the case . Beautiful soft tweed inside and out, means for those of us who are fabric strokers they are a real must have. I can’t take my hands off mine; I’m so pleased with them and they only took just over an hour to make. I’ve written instructions to accompany kits which tell you how to make a case exactly the right size for your own device, the kits which contain everything you need, work out at £15.50 for the tablet case and £9.50 for the phone case. If you want one give us a ring on 01729 824708 or leave a message on here, we have loads of colours to choose from.


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  1. Last week we were in England on holiday and we stumbled upon your lovely shop. I got to talk to the lady in the shop and we talked about quilting. She was making packages for a workshop that would take place that evening. I ended up buying a lot of fabrics, all tweed. I will make a blanket of them and will send you a photograph when it is finished, however that may take some time…
    Have a nice day,
    Mirjam, from Holland

    • So lovely to share our shop with you, I’m very glad that you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to seeing your finished quilt. Thank you for your kind comments from Anthea and the team 🙂

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