Did you know that you can buy from us online, please feel free to visit us at www.quiltingantics.co.uk

The website is OPEN! click on the link above to be taken straight through to our shop. Happy shopping folks!

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  1. Hi – do you have a kit for the Woodland Friends cushion set – my friend has made these and hey are gorgeous – I have the pattern, Many thanks

    • Hi yes I sure do have some kits. Every single one is unique so your best bet is to ring the shop on 01729 824708 we can talk to you about your colours and e mail photos etc for you to choose from

  2. I have seen the Pleasant Pheasant cushion kit on a friends FB page. I love it and would like to buy. Will I be able to do this when the website is up and running again?

    • Hi Nancy, if you ring the shop on 01729 824708 we will be able to sort you out. We are closed fri, sat, sun, mon for easter and are back open again on Monday. Thank you so very much for getting in touch 🙂

    • Hi
      If that’s the quilt I think you mean, it’s not mine. I took the pic when it was being displayed at a quilt show, sorry. Not sure if it ever went to pattern or not by the designer.

  3. I was at Malvern and bought a cushion kit with Rabbit I would like to purchase another different design, owl, squirrel etc. thank you

    • Hi thank you for your enquiry. Which cushion did you fancy having a go at next? I will be in the shop tomorrow if you would like to ring I can go through everything with you 01729 824708 🙂

  4. Are you still open as a walk in shop and if so what are your opening hours?
    I am coming up your way at the end of this week and was hoping to visit you!

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