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Not a bit star struck


We finally got round to it this morning and went to chat to the woman herself; who surprisingly only has one head two Arms and two legs the same as me. Unfortunately I don’t get an opportunity to airbrush a couple off dress sizes off myself with the I pad but hey ho worse things could happen.
In case you are new to Quilting Antics We now stock Lynette’s fabric beginning with Wildflower Wood it’s not on my website http://www.quiltingantics.co.uk yet but you can get it by ringing the shop and telling us which fabrics you require.


Lynette Anderson Free Pattern



lynette freebie copy

I was having a snoop around and found this free download which accompanies Lynette Anderson’s Wildflower Wood. If you like it,  drop me a line cos I’ve got the scrummy fabric and can send it to you in a hearbeat he he he he he he he he he he!

Wildflower Wood, by Lynette Anderson has just arrived


Lynette Anderson

Look what the nice delivery man brought today. The full range of Lynette Anderson’s Wildflower Wood. Beautiful dusky pinks, blues and lilacs set off beautifully by the off whites. I adore the little owls and foxes and everything else that you find in Lynette’s wood.  I will be uploading it onto my website tonight www.quiltingantics.co.uk Yes that’s right, my website is open! I’m not making a big noise about it today as there’s still a lot of tweaking and adding to do but you’re welcome to go and have a peek and I would really appreciate any feedback that you may have, you are even welcome to place a cheeky order. It went live last Friday and we have already processed our first order (thank you Jean)…I then stupidly locked myself out of the admin area with a pass word ‘cock up’ so have had the last two days being unable to tweak and add things ho hum…I suppose there were always going to be teething troubles.