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Festival of Quilts


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My posts have once again been a little patchy; this is because I have been at the Festival of Quilts (don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already.) I have made a slideshow of the first 32 quilt pics and will upload the rest over the next couple of days.


Other news is that I will be stocking Wonderfil thread in the next few weeks Tutti, Frutti, Spaghetti, Konfetti, Metallic, Invisafil and Deco bob. The full ranges of each. Yummy yummy yummy!

Not a bit star struck


We finally got round to it this morning and went to chat to the woman herself; who surprisingly only has one head two Arms and two legs the same as me. Unfortunately I don’t get an opportunity to airbrush a couple off dress sizes off myself with the I pad but hey ho worse things could happen.
In case you are new to Quilting Antics We now stock Lynette’s fabric beginning with Wildflower Wood it’s not on my website http://www.quiltingantics.co.uk yet but you can get it by ringing the shop and telling us which fabrics you require.


Festival of Quilts, NEC



Here’s a little taste of what is at the festival of quilts this year. I am unable to make a slide show via my I pad so will do that when I get home, this is one of my favourite quilts, I hope you will enjoy it too.
Quite a lot of people entered the prize draw today so good luck to you all and also a lot of Quilting Antics friends, old and new, stopped by for a chat, it was lovely to see you all, thank you for your visits. Hopefully I will meet many more of our community tomorrow but for now good night x

Prize draw


It’s official! If you shop at my stand D12 where all the fabric is £6 a metre leave your name and address with us and you will be entered into the draw to win a rotary cutter . Good luck, Tallulah and I look forward to seeing you at stand D12
Also find us at http://www.quiltingantics.co.uk

Festival of Quilts


FOQ Logo 2013

Busy bonkers today, so no proper post I’m afraid. I’m setting off to Birmingham this afternoon as I’m booked in to unload my van at 8am in the morning (anyone who knows me will know this slot will be a challenge!) It’s my first time on the motorway with the caravan as well YIKES!

Ho hum, fingers crossed I will have wifi on the campsite and be able to send you some quilty pics whilst I’m away.

Even more importantly, when you make a purchase from us at stand D12 leave us your name and address and you will be entered into our prize draw, I’m still toying with the prize so any ideas let me know, so far a rotary cutter has been suggested!


That’s all for now, hope to see as many of you as poss at The Festival of Quilts, NEC, Birmingham stand D12 also don’t forget to have a peruse on the website. All fabric on the stand £6 per metre!


Prize draw at the Festival of Quilts


Prize draw at the Festival of Quilts

So…lets see how many people read the blog…I am going to have a prize draw at the Festival of Quilts next week. If you come to my stand which is D12 you will be able to enter. I was pondering what the prize should be…any ideas? What would people think a worthy prize at the Festival of Quilts? Send me your ideas and I will pick one!