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Wool Tweed Friday

Wool Tweed Friday

Hi Folks, happy Friday!

Following the success of last weeks wool tweed sale here’s some more. I hope you like what you see. Don’t forget once they are gone, they are gone, we only have one identical length of any one design/colour. When you have made a selection you can either ring the shop on 01729 824708 to reserve your wool or you can leave a comment here. Good luck and I hope you like what you see. Good luck and fingers crossed we have the one for you.


Roll Number 11. Dusky Cerise. 118″ x 8″ (3m x 0.20m) £21 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll Number 12. Much greener than the image shows. 121″ x 8″ (3m x 0.20m) £21 (can sell as a half length.)






Roll Number 13. Lavender blue shades. 100″ x 8.5″ (2.54m x 0.22m) £20 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll Number 14. Fizzy pink shades. 104″ x 8.5″ (2.64m x 0.22m) £20 (can sell as a half length.)






Roll Number 15. Shades of denim. 126″ x 7.5″ (3.2m x 0.19m) £25.50 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll Number 16. Subtle grey plaid. 140″ x 12″ (3.56 x 0.30m) £29.50 The full length would be great for bag making as this one is quite wide. (can sell as a half length.)





Roll Number 17. Blue of the night check, its actually darker than appears in the photo. 151″ x 9″  (3.85m x 0.22m) £25.50 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll number 18. Liquorice and Blackcurrant coloured 102″ x 6″ (2.60m x 0.15m) £15.50 beautifully soft (can sell as a half length.)





Roll number 19. Feminine shades of soft green. 95″ x 8.5″ (2.44m x 0.22m) £16.50 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll number 20. Difficult to put this beauty into words as its a delicious mixture of pink and mauve, in fact its so nice I’m not sure if I want to sell it! 100″ x 8.5″ (2.56m x 0.22m) £16.50 (can sell as a half length.)

Door stop pattern giveaway

Door stop pattern giveaway


As promised last week, here is a free pattern giveaway; its a simple one to get us started but a good one.

You will need

  • A piece of fabric (mine was narrow so I’ve used a long length) 60″ x 8.5″ (1.5m x 22cm.)
  • An A4 sheet of paper.
  • An ugly fat quarter.
  • Cat litter, bird seed or rice.
  • Toy stuffing or the inside of an old pillow.
  • Scraps of brown and green fabric, tweed or felt for leaves and stem.

On an A4 sheet of paper draw a pear shape. I’ve tried to attach one here but if you can’t get the image it’s easy enough to draw yourself by drawing the pear as big as you can on the paper, fold the paper in half and cut out, doing it this way, your pear will be the same on both sides. Cut out 4 pear shapes in fabric. Insert a pin to mark the top and bottom middles.


Sew  two pear shapes together from the pin at the top middle almost down to the bottom middle. Repeat for the other pair of pears. (Couldn’t resist saying that.) Because wool is a looser weave than cotton I sewed my seams twice to reinforce them by pivoting with the needle down at the end and sewing back to the start point, I did a few reverse stitches too.


Sew the two halves together, from top middle almost to the bottom on each side, you will now have a saggy looking old pear


Using some scrap fabric, or that ugly fat quarter you bought and now wonder what on earth possessed you. Cut two rough circles, mine were a bit small with an 8″ diameter so make yours a bit bigger. Sew almost all the way round, leave a gap to fill.


I used cat litter to weight one pear down and bird seed in the other. Fill the cushion with the heavy stuff and then sew the hole closed. Stuff the top half of your pear with toy stuffing or the inside of an old pillow and then feed the heavy stuff in last. It will be difficult to sew the hole closed in the bottom of the pear, so with the last piece of your fabric cut a circle to cover the hole, turn under the edge and slip stitch in place.


We used tweed for the leaves and stem but you can use whatever you have to hand at the time. Cut a 1.5″ strip  of brown fabric and roll it up to form the stem. Slip stitch the loose end in place and then stitching through all layers of the stem and top of the pear, attach it to the top of the pear. Put two layers of green fabric wrong sides together and sew two leaf shapes on the fabric (no need to free machine) if you begin at the point that will be stitched onto the pear once you get back to the start you can then sew some veins on with a continuous row of stitching. Cut around the outside edge of the stitching to free the leaf from the scrap. Stitch the leaves in place on the pear. Next find a door to prop open and show off your posh new doorstop.

Preparations for Edinburgh are coming along nicely

Preparations for Edinburgh are coming along nicely

Thank you soo very much, to everyone who reblogged and who rang us to buy the wool tweed which I put on the blog last week…its now all gone! We were absolutely floored by the response, it was amazing and so definitely something I will repeat as it seems that many of you struggle to get a variety of top quality tweed at the low prices which we offer, I’m really pleased that we can oblige you 😉 Would it be useful if I made it a regular Friday thing? Let me know.

Today we have been very busy bees, preparing for the quilt show at Ingliston, Edinburgh next week. I decided that I would ‘knock up’ a few Union Jack cushions to show people how they can use the tweed especially the off cuts. The long thin strips are ideal; whats more it doesn’t matter if the lengths are a bit short as botching them up only serves to add to the appeal.


I don’t think it is a secret that I am a huge fan of wool tweed…I went shopping yesterday and I saw the most amazing fabric footstool; it was huge and had a hand painted cow on the top. It was also gorgeous but not the £150 worth of gorgeous the shop wanted for it. Then I had one of those light bulb moments and thought I bet we could make one of those in tweed…so we are! Continuing the theme of using up left overs, we decided to piece the top in small squares to use up as many bits as we could. Look at the photo, see how the random colours work together and compliment each other. I think that I will weigh the resulting block of squares and then if anyone wants to recreate our cushion we can bag up a random selection of colours so that you would be able to achieve the look as cheaply as possible. Again, feel free to feedback your thoughts as I am really eager to know what you think.




Finally for today I wanted to share, with you, the progress on the flying geese. We pondered for ages and thought about the feedback that we’d had, this is the result, the beginnings of a bag. Sue will make another strip of flying geese to go along the bottom, should they fly the same way or opposite way? then she will make up the bag using a simple design so as not to detract from the wow factor of the geese. I love it, well done Sue you have created a beauty.





Wool Tweed Lengths For Sale

Wool Tweed Lengths For Sale

We have had so much interest in our wool tweeds that we thought it was about time that we started to offer them for sale on line. Below you will find our first batch to be photographed. We only have one role of each colourway so it really is a case of first up best dressed…you snooze you loose! When you have made a selection you can either ring the shop on 01729 824708 to reserve your wool or you can leave a comment here. Good luck and I hope you like what you see.

We are also working on some simple patterns, using the tweed, which we intend to give away free on here. Yay!

wool 1 and 2 second attempt copy

Roll number 1. shades of purple, blue, black red and white. 136″ x 10″ (3.46m x 0.26m) £27.50 (can sell as a half length.)


Roll number 2. shades of blue, purple, Grey, white the piece measures 104″ x 10″ (2.64m x 0.26m) £25. (Can sell as a half length.)





wool 3 and 4

Roll number 3. Autumnal shades, with  blue/purple highlights . 152″ x 8.5″ (3.86m x 0.21m) £27.50. (Can sell as a half length.)


Roll number 4. Autumnal shades, with green/orange highlights. 152″ x 8.5″ (3.86m x 0.21m) £27.50 (Can sell as a half length.)






wool 5,6,7

Rolls 5, 6 and 7 shades of mauve/dusky purple, click on the image to have a closer look at the colours. Exceptionally soft to the touch. All measure 116″ x 8.5″ (294m x 0.21m) £25. (Can sell as a half length.)









wool 8,9,10


Roll number 8 Slate Green colour.

Roll number 9 Dark Olive colour.

Roll number 10 Slate Blue colour.

All roles 137″ x 6.5″ (348m x 0.16m) £19.50

(Can sell as a half length.)

Oh where do you start?

Oh where do you start?

Oh my goodness we are preparing all our wool tweeds for our next show which will be at Ingliston, Edinburgh 20th – 22nd of February and our heads are overflowing with ideas about what to do with it. Bags, scarves, hats, throws; the list is endless…so many projects and only one lifetime to do them in! What would you do with them? Let me know your ideas.


 Yes it is all one piece, what do you think to our scarf?  Dr who?… Very Tom Baker do you agree? I love how this particular wool feels, it is so soft and not itchy at all


I don’t even know where to begin choosing a favourite from this lot.


I made this cheeky little block keeper for Averil at Christmas, she had been hiding her favourite tweeds at the bottom of the basket…so I pulled them out when she wasn’t looking and abducted them hehehehe