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Testing testing testing 123…


knight stainforth

I’m sorry I haven’t been a good blogger for the last week, partly due to being incredibly busy and partly due to not having wifi. Cocksparrow and I went off for a couple of days in our new caravan so that we could test it out…we went a whole mile up the road to Knight Stainforth Hall Caravan Park at Stainforth! I was determined that we were not going to cheat and use the facilities at home but I wanted to be close enough that if I forgot anything I was handy enough to call in for supplies. We had a wonderful time, we could have been a hundred miles away; in fact we loved it so much that we are thinking of going again. The Maudsley brothers run a really great site, very clean and very relaxed, Cocksparrow made lots of new friends in the play area (mainly girls, no surprise there) all was well until his first encounter with bubbly gum…of course being his first time what did he do? You guessed it…swallowed it and one of the older girls told him that he would have to go to hospital to DIE!!!! Imagine the tears that we had, poor little man, what a softie. I’m still not sure he believes that he is going to live! Still it hasn’t put him off and he is raring to go again. I can highly recommend the site if you a fancy a break in the Yorkshire Dales.