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I’m really sorry about this post/rant and apologies to the hundreds of wonderful customers who this does not apply to. It has come to my attention that some of our patterns are being run as commercial classes without our knowledge or permission and I would respectfully like to set the record straight.

As our followers and customers are aware Quilting Antics sells kits and patterns to make a range of patchwork and quilted items. There are two ways that these patterns come to us, firstly very good friends of mine create designs which Quilting Antics buys the rights to use. The second way is that we create our own designs and write our own patterns. I am very proud of the work that we do as it takes many many hours to prepare even the simplest of designs. I try to be  fair to everyone and I think that you will agree £4.50 is an extremely competitive price for a pattern especially when you consider the amount of time, paper, ink, printing, packaging and collating that goes into each individual package; some contain several A3 sheets which are not cheap to produce.

To this end, I am aware that people have bought only one copy of our patterns then photocopied it for the whole of their quilt group to use. I have turned a blind eye to this, even though it is not fair to our designers…come on ladies at £4.50 is it too much to ask that each person buys a copy of the pattern? However I have discovered this week that a  lady bought one of my patterns and is charging £30, YES £30! per person for other people to make our project. This is absolutely unacceptable, not to mention a huge two fingers up to our copyright; it is akin to shoplifting and I feel so upset that I have tried my hardest to be fair  by keeping prices as reasonable as possible. Not only that but why should  I pay a lot of money for the rights to certain designs and then others steal this intellectual property and sell the designs commercially without having to pay the designer?

I really feel upset by the words that I have typed, the moral to this is, if you run or attend a class and the pattern you are using is not your own, please have a thought to the designer and play fair.

Quilting Antics reserves the copyrights to all the patterns it buys, produces and sells.

Another name required


After all the fun of yesterday’s Blue Tit naming ceremony; we’ve decided to go with Erika’s suggestion of Sing Song Blue. Today we have another new cushion to name…we are literally on fire we are working so hard at the minute. Look at this gorgeous otter, illustrated by Sue  Lenehan, when he’s finished he will be chasing golden fish weaving in and out of subtle green weed round his circular cushion. The background is done in Bargello so that it looks like he is displacing the water as he swims full pelt through it (I’ve given an easier alternative in the pattern) and the foreground is done in really easy appliqué but combined I hope you agree they do look fab. So go on peeps, what shall I call this design?

If you like him the pattern will be available at Exeter next week.


Bargello finished, circle cut, now for the appliqué.

What’s in my Garden

What’s in my Garden

We’ve been working on our latest pair of sofa hogging cushions with the theme of ‘what’s in my garden’.

The first one, a woodpecker called ‘Peck it and See’ made appearances at Duxford and Malvern shows earlier this month and the second I hope will be finished for next week at Exeter but I need your help…it needs a name you will understand my dilemma when you start trying to think (Ann Hart if you are reading this stop giggling now!) Please feel free to send name suggestions


What’s my name?

cushion pic

Peck it and See

The rest from Exeter…


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Ta dah! Here are the rest of the quilts which were displayed at Westpoint, Exeter. Many of these will be on show again at Detling, Maidstone, Kent. I am lucky enough to have seen the Kent display already and there are many more local additions which are simply superb. I will snap some shots of them and post MORE quilts this week. I hope you are enjoying the shows and finding inspiration for your next project.

I also know that many of you have been waiting for details of the free give away at Detling, so here goes… to enter, bring me your name and address to stand 23, Quilting Antics; with the words “I want my YOyo’s now!” and you will be entered into the draw, the winner of which will receive a selection of Clover Yoyo makers.

Look forward to meeting as many of you as possible
(aka big Bird)

Doing the rounds


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The other day I posted a slideshow of the quilts displayed at Exeter by the South West Quilters. However there were lots more quilts on display which are doing the rounds with Grosvenor Shows this year. I should have posted them following the Sprig Quilt Show at Edinburgh but for some reason didn’t get round to it, never fear some of them are here including the Makower challenge quilts. I hope you enjoy the show. I will post a few more soon.

South West Quilters


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Morning everyone! Especially to Tracey Driver from the Culm Valley Quilt Co, it was lovely to meet you.
Gosh I’m worn out this morning; after working at the show yesterday and then the breaking down procedure it takes a lot of you, so its a very chilled out morning I think. Also anyone who was at the show will know that I had a little helper and I think he deserves a little bit of mummy time too. As you will see my little helper managed to get himself into several of the quilt pics.
This slideshow was intended to be of South West Quilters work but I think I may have jumbled up some of the pics with a group from Glasgow (oops) anyhow enjoy my slideshow and I will do another showing the rest of the quilts very soon

Enjoy your day
Anthea (aka Big Bird)

Flutterby Butterfly Pattern


Beginners Taster Cushion 2013_edited-1

I need to pass on an apology to everyone who has bought a Flutterby Butterfly pattern from me at the Spring Quilt Show at Westpoint, Exeter this weekend. There is a misprint on the pattern regarding the nine patch block.The pattern says “using the template cut four xxxx squares and five xxxx squares. It should actually read cut four 2.5″ squares from the green speckle fabric, cut four 2.5″ squares from the green floral fabric and cut one 2.5″ square from the orange fabric.”

I am really very sorry for the mistake.

Also entries are coming in thick and fast for the free give away of Sewline bits and bobs, so don’t forget to drop your entry off at the Quilting Antics stand. To enter all you need to do is give us your name and address…simples!