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Closed for Christmas

Closed for Christmas



Just letting you all know, the shop will be closed over the Christmas period. Our last day of opening is Sunday 22nd December and we will reopen again on Saturday 4th January 2014. During that time I will still be processing internet orders, so if you need something please feel free to have a look on line at www.quiltingantics.co.uk

If you fancy learning how to make a patchwork quilt, we will be starting new classes in the New Year. Don’t forget if you are stuck for what you want for Christmas you could always get a gift voucher from us, several people have bought their nearest and dearests places on classes.

Anyway for the first time this season I will wish you all a very happy Christmas!


Looking back over 2013

Looking back over 2013

So much happens at Quilting Antics, its hard when I’m not blogging regularly to remember all the things that have happened! So what I thought I’d do is have a look at some of my unpublished photographs.

First of all there was the planking craze, do you know what that is? To plank you have to lay out straight in the most precarious place you can manage, for Hippy that was the dressing table in our hotel room…the photo is of my mum, Hip Chick, yes that’s right, ol’hippy the one and only. When she heard about the craze she couldn’t help herself…so when you next see her hobbling and bobbling about at the shows save your sympathy and think of this image instead.


Anyway the story plods on and someone just happened to mention the planking episode to Tweety Pie, then, guess what? Yes, you guessed it, not to be outdone, up she climbs onto the step stool and hey presto another plank gets her legs up in the air.


Nothing whatsoever to do with planking in the sense that  you have just read above…only Erika could pull this ‘look’ off, what a star. Erika is one of life’s all round good eggs and I suspect Peter Kaye’s secret script writer. I couldn’t resist but share this pic with you. This is Erika raising shed loads of cash for Marie Curie, a charity which supported not only Erika’s family but also ours through some terrible times. Keep up the good work lass you will always find support at Quilting Antics xxxxIMG_0386.JPG (2)

Retreat with Ferret

Retreat with Ferret

I would have liked to post this post earlier on in the week but hey that’s life! Following Monday’s Linus Challenge I have barely had a moment to myself as I am now at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate (stand A600 if you are going to be there call round and say hi.)

Last weekend we had Ferret with us at High Trenhouse, it was tremendous!

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She was with us on Friday and taught a masterclass on free machining, the students began by learning how to feed their fabric through their machines evenly; with loads of advice on needles, keeping your boobs out of the way, thread choices, using your machine properly and problem solving (which takes us back to the conversation on keeping your boobs out of the way when sewing.) Ferret was a hard task master but by the end of the day, as you can see in the slideshow, students were confidently beginning to machine complicated patterns best of all everyone enjoyed the day.

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On Friday evening we had a very entertaining talk where Ferret shared loads of her of anecdotes and allowed us to handle her quilts, inspecting her intricate machine quilting. It is so interesting when you get to find out about the person behind the stunning work. Unfortunately several extra people were supposed to join us but the fog on the top of the hill at Malham made it difficult to drive up to Trenhouse, so for all those who missed the evening rest assured we will be repeating it in July when hopefully the weather will be on our side. (Elaine I hope you are not too traumatised by your journey.)  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Diz for leading the way down the hill as it was really nerve wracking driving home, you are now redeemed for the last bad weather journey we made together hehehehe! 😉

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By Saturday morning we were all settled in and ready for the new class to begin. Ferret showed us how to  create one of her art quilts. I think we all felt incredibly daunted at first by the intricacy of the pattern, the colour choices, the order of the colours; in fact everything was daunting!!!!! I think we had all expected to be wizzing around with our machines but er…no…er…we spent all day and most of Sunday cutting out. This wasn’t ordinary cutting out, this was intense, mind altering, mega cutting out I would like to say on a grand scale but actually it was on a minute scale. If you had told me on Friday that I would have learned so much just cutting out, I would have scoffed but the process we learned was fantastic. Ferret showed us how to create our own patterns using an iconic image of Che Guevara which I found fascinating and felt by the end that I had the confidence to plan and manage my own art quilt, this was a huge step forward for me as I am quite traditional in many of my interests.

During the weekend we also planned Ferrets next visit to us in July 2014 we have decided that on the Friday we will continue with our master class on free machining and then over the weekend we will be making Ferrets own individual kind of wholecloth quilts.

Ferret fossil quilt

If you would like to come, get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as many of the group have already rebooked to have another go.

Thank you very much Ferret for a brilliant and very entertaining weekend 🙂

Linus Challenge

Linus Challenge

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What a fantastic day we have had today. As you know several months ago Vicky Cowburn who is a Linus coordinator and I set a challenge to make 4 single bed quilts for teenage boys in a day…well result! Today with the help of quilters nationwide we have made not 4 but 7 yes that’s right 7 quilts for Project Linus. This was managed because we had an utterly amazing 85 boxer short blocks sent to us from all corners of the country, I feel so honoured, humbled and proud that so many of you have helped us; from the bottom of my heart I thank you all.

We started out at 10 am this morning Vicky, Karol-Ann, Twiddly Tracy, Liz, Pam, Jean, Sheelagh, myself and Julie. We organised ourselves so that Tracy was cutting the sashings, some of the girls were putting the blocks together, cutting borders backings and bindings. We had ironers squarer uppers, unpickers; the morning just flew. At lunch time some of the girls had to go which created room for Kate and our very own Diz. The afternoon session saw us layering up, quilting and binding 4 of our quilts. 85 blocks allowed us to make 7 tops but we concentrated on our challenge of 4 and got those finished. Some of the girls are coming back during the week to layer and finish the other 3. I am so proud of everyone who helped and you should be very proud of yourselves too. This was quilting at its finest, like minded people, coming together for no financial gain to make gifts of love for  other people to whom life has thrown a curved ball.

If you would like to get involved in the Linus project, there is lots of information on their website or, for North Yorkshire and South Lakes you can by contacting us at the shop on 01729 824708 or Vicky Cowburn on 015242 71845 by a complete fluke whilst our challenge was going on Barbara, one of the ladies who was on our retreat this weekend called in the shop; I hadn’t realised that Barbara is a Linus coordinator in her local area which is near Edinburgh so you live in Scotland you could call Barbara on 0131 440 3477

Touching base…



Hi everyone!

Once again I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging, as you all know I was quite a prolific blogger but I got out of the regular habit it has become sooo hard to get back into the swing of it. So here goes once again! I have trawled through my new pics to find a suitable headline for this post and the sexiest model I could find was Diz’s red hot sister Avril modeling the poppy she designed for remembrance day, using the Sizzix machine I borrowed from Tweety Pie, we were so impressed with it that the order has now gone in for our own machine plus zillions of dies which we are going to hire out to all you  lovely people.

Loads has happened since the summer months, new friends have been made, babies born , quilts finished…OK I’m joking about the finished quilts, tee he he he!



I’m not sure where to start with my post so I will just show you what we’ve been up to today and what we’ve got coming up. Today Denise has been box making, this is the third time she has done this class for us, I love to find out what people are going to use them for; the best thing so far is LSD!!!!!!!!! I hope the student who shall remain nameless was joking because she didn’t invite us to the party. Talking of parties, I went out with Diz last Saturday night, I took some amazing photos of her but the rotten devil made me delete them today…spoil sport. 


Tomorrow I will be preparing for Ferret’s weekend retreat with us, I am really excited about it and I hope that I will get the chance to take part in the classes. I will post pics of what we get up to so that you can share our treat.

Judiths beginners sampler quilt class and her intermediate class will be in on Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately I will miss the girls again as I will be up at High Trenhouse. Maybe I will get chance to do a bit of girl bonding at the December class


Then on Monday we have got our Linus challenge, so far we have had an unbelievable 51 boxer short blocks donated from all over the country,  huge thanks to all our benefactors; if you can drop in, even if its only for an hour, to give us a hand, you would be very welcome. Hopefully we will complete 4 single bed quilts in the day. The Craven Herald will be visiting us in the afternoon so we had better be on our best behaviour (that’s another joke!) all great  publicity for the Linus Project.


A Yorkshire man’s dog dies and as it was a favourite pet he decides to have a gold statue made by a jeweller to remember the dog by.

Yorkshireman: “Can t’a mek us a gold statue o’ yon dog?”

Jeweller: “Do you want it 18 carat?”

Yorkshireman: “No I want it chewin’ a bone yer daft bugger!”

Pearl of the day by Big bird

A Yorkshire man’s dog…

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning


World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Hello everyone, I’m back!

I apologise because I haven’t posted for ages, you know when you are busy spinning all your plates and then on the same day they all come crashing down? Well that happened to me around the time of the Festival of Quilts. I’ve had a few early nights, begun to get things back in order and I’m hopefully almost back on track. (No-one warned me that all this being self employed malarky means you actually have to work for your living!!!)

So to ease myself back into things and I know I should have let you all know sooner, we are taking part in the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning, I cannot state enough how great the work of Macmillan is; which I’m sure any of you who have been touched by cancer will agree.

Anyhow, I hope as many of you as possible will be able to drop by tomorrow and enjoy our coffee morning. We start at 10am and as ‘the kettle’s always on’ our coffee morning will last until 4pm!

Fingers crossed you’ll be able to pop in x

And the winner of the quilt class is…


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Saturday was Langcliffe Horticultural show (my local show) so I entered one of my quilts (not my own design) and I won, so I’m cock-a-hoop! I clicked photos of the exhibits which were on show when I arrived to drop my quilt off so apologies if I haven’t clicked yours. The standard was brilliant especially as its only the second ever Horticultural show in Langcliffe. Well done to everyone involved.

Frixion Pens in stock now



Lately people have been talking about a new kind of pen called a Frixion pen. It is a brilliant idea, you draw on, or mark your fabric any way that you like and then when you want the lines to disappear, apply heat ( posh way of saying iron) and the pen marks instantly disappear. As you can see, they come in 8 different colours and are priced at £2.99 so cheap as chips. We now have all the colours in stock.