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Paula Doyle’s wonderful retreat for Quilting Antics

Paula Doyle’s wonderful retreat for Quilting Antics

Last weekend we had a quilt retreat with Paula Doyle, it was brilliant! So I would like to share with you the work that we did during the retreat. First of all on Friday, we met at the shop and spent a day making four mini mosaic blocks which were then going to become a cushion. The slideshow lets you see how it went.

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I was so impressed by how the blocks came together, Paula’s Mini Mosaic technique is so simple you wonder why you hadn’t worked it out before.

After a day of getting to know each other in the shop we all set off up the hill to High Trenhouse. I love it when everyone arrives there and I see how amazed people are by the location, it is a superb venue but also splendid in it’s isolation from the real world. We began on Friday evening with a really interesting talk from Paula. Paula told us about the charity projects that her and her quilt group have done. I think my favourite, even if it is just for the name, was itsy bits and wonky strips, don’t you just love it?

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So after all the anticipation we finally got down to the main part of the retreat. Paula continued with the Mini Mosaics theme and showed us how to make six of her sampler blocks. The plan was to make a wall hanging with an option to turn the blocks into Paula’s Tulip bag. We had such a laugh making the blocksn . On Friday morning we began as a group of strangers and by Sunday evening we left as a group of friends.¬†Thank you girls I had a wonderful weekend with you all. Best of all I think Paula is going to come back and teach another retreat for us, YAY!

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Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton;

15 months ago we started our first sampler quilt course at Quilting Antics. I remember that first session so well, there was hardly a sound 9 ladies, most of whom had never met before, sat in silence headaches developing because they were concentrating so very hard. By session 10 however you could barely hear yourself think because this new group of firm friends were chattering so much…it was wonderful!

Our ladies have all come on in leaps and bounds developing their skills every time they visit the shop. Today I want to share with you parts of Mandy’s journey. If I told you that the first session reduced Mandy to a quivering wreck you wouldn’t believe me now but its true…she was!!!!!


This is Mandy’s interpretation of Happy Scrappy Christmas, there is an unsaid competition among the students to ‘bling’ this wall hanging up, so it will be interesting to see what finishing touches Mandy adds.


Next comes Mandy’s textured landscape. All our students made their own landscapes from views which were important to them, I love how this one conjures up the Middleton’s farm.


Mandy came to our woven baskets class, the background and the basket are both made of woven fabric and dare I say it, Mandy’s sample is better than the class one (oops.)


A while back we ran a class on bag making, Mandy took her skills and has now created her own bag, to her own specifications clever lady!


This block is one from the improvers sampler quilt course Mandy now attends and is a twisted log cabin, basically taking the regular log cabin block and building on the design to take it to the next stage



Finally, look at this unique pheasant design which Mandy has appliqued to go into her improvers quilt.

Just see how your skills can quickly build and your confidence grow at our classes. If you fancy taking part in any of our classes, you can find out what we are offering by clicking the workshops and classses tab at the top of this page. Ring the shop on 01729 824708 to check on availability and we can book your place for you.

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Kate’s Windy Day


Kate's Windy Day

The other week Twiddley Tracy taught her blowy day quilt class for us. I have just received this pic from Kate, who attended the class, isn’t it ACE! I love your choice of colours and especially that you have recycled an old skirt for the red border; after all make do and mend is what patchwork is all about. Really well done and also I can’t wait to see your sampler blocks now that you have finished them all. Go to the top of the class!

P.s whose fingers are peeping over the top?

Paula’s finished bag



I hope you enjoy the pic it is of Paula’s completed bag. Do you remember a few weeks ago we did a session on the principles of bag making? All the students designed their own basic bag and learned the skills of how to design, shape, size and work out fabric requirements for their own bag. We have had some beautiful bags revisit the shop.
Though I haven’t had a pic yet I know that Elaines bag has already visited the Norfolk Broads for a week. Well done ladies

Another finished sampler quilt…well done Liz it’s beautiful



WOW! Liz was absolutely new to patchwork and quilting last September and just look at this finished quilt it is the bees knees! Well done Liz you should be very proud of yourself.
If anyone else is interested in learning how to make a patchwork quilt we are currently taking names for courses starting in September. Don’t forget though we also do one day classed on all manner of sewing topics.


Breaking news due to popular demand I have persuaded Michaela Smith to put on another date for her Christmas Wall hanging ‘Happy Scrappy Christmas’ it will be on Friday 23rd August, which I know seems a little early but its the only date we could agree on where students would have time to complete it in time for Christmas, places are limited and going very quickly so if you are interested let me know as soon as you can either on here or by ringing the shop on 01729 824708

That’s all for today folks!

Beautiful Book Covers


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Following last weeks highly successful silk painting session Liz, Mandy, Paula and Linda with the addition of Jade all came back yesterday to use their painted silk pieces to make these beautiful book covers. If you remember last week I shared pics of the class painting their silk; some traced trees butterflies and dragonflies using Gutta and they all had a bash at dropping paint onto wet silk and scattered it with sea salt creating beautiful patterns which students had not control over. Today they have used the randomly patterned silk and embellished it with french knots, beads and other gorgeous embroidery stitches before turning the pieces into book covers. We had a lovely day, loads of giggles, good company, tea and coffee…heaven

Another Ta Dah moment!



Denise’s ladies are in the shop as I type and are going great guns with their beginners sampler quilts, however the star of the show today is Erica who has finished her Stack and Whack quilt. Well done it looks amazing (totes amazeballs.)

We were having an interesting little chat today midst all the balmy heat of the day following a comment Kate made about not wanting to make another large quilt. Kate does not want to start a new one until her first is finished and so an idea was born. On top of all the other classes/courses that we are running we are going to have a UFO group one Wednesday a month. What this means is that there will be a teacher on hand (Denise) once a month and you can come and finish your ufo’s with help on hand to guide you. If you are interested you will have to book your place class by class as places are limited, but you will not need to sign up for a fixed length of time, you might for instance only want to do three sessions, or you may want one session every now and again its up to you. It doesn’t matter if you are completing a workshop you did here or one you did somewhere else or even if its your own project that you have got a bit stuck with and need some guidance.

I hope lots of people are interested as I think that this could be a really good session. Anyway I’m off for something cool now, so talk tomorrow after our beginners taster day.

Stack and Whack Quilt


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Today Denise has done her Stack and Whack course. I wasn’t sure how the day would be as I’ve never done a stack and whack myself. Anyhow after popping into town and buying an all singing all dancing air cooling machine to try and cool us down in this scorching heat everyone got cracking. There has been lots of drinking juice, ice lollies and choc ice to try and keep cool.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow of our day, the quilts turned out beautifully and much to several people’s surprise it really was a quilt in a day. I love how the quilts have all turned out so differently because of the fabric choices, it is hard to choose a favourite.

Also today we have filled another 4 places on our beginners and improvers quilt courses which are due to start in September so if you are interested you’d best get cracking and book soon. There are weekend and weekday classes available.

Windy Day Wallhanging


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Oh my goodness we have had a brilliant day today making Twidley ¬†tracy’s Windy day quilt. All the girls had different fabrics and once they had got their templates traced were off…! They have free machined their little hearts out. We welcomed Cathy who is new to us and to Yorkshire as she has just emigrated from Ipswich and we also welcomed Lizzy, welcome and I hope that you had a good day as it was lovely to have you with us.

I hope that you enjoy the slideshow even if some of our students did manage to sneek away without their final pieces being photographed…you know who you are, I will get you next time lol!

Chris’ clever ‘box’ set


I know the title is a bit corny but… Chris has been back in the shop today for her very own exclusive tack and chat.
Chris was with us on Saturday for Michaela’s bag making class and was so determined to finish it she came down today to crack on. Chris also came to Denise’s box making class a few weeks ago and as you can see from the picture has made a matching pair, a ‘box set’.
I can’t remember if I mentioned on Saturday that I have rebooked Michaela to do the bag making of class on Saturday January 11th 2014. Let me know if you are interested and I will reserve you a place.

Chris box set