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I’m such an old…ahem, new bag!

I’m such an old…ahem, new bag!

It’s that time of the month again…it’s the time when I’m preparing to go back on’t telly. We have worked our socks off this last month and have eight new designs with a bit of a Spring theme going on. I hope you like what we’ve done, I’d love to hear your comments, feedback is always welcome.

You will find me on the Hochanda Tv channel on Saturday 13th and Sunday the 14th of April. Freeview 85 Sky 673 and Freesat 817. I’m not sure what the channel number is if you are viewing from the U.S but I think you can watch online.

I nearly forgot to say that all the goodies (kits and patterns) will be available on my own website from this weekend.

I’d like to start with Susan’s Satchel. I have been asked loads of times to make a tweed satchel, the last time being at Duxford show in March, by a lady called Susan…I told you I would name it after you hehehehe! It fits an A4 ring binder inside and is very easy to make.satchel pic

I forgot to add apart from the huge discounts I”m offering on the eight new patterns whilst on’t telly, I’m having a go at doing some happy hour deals too; so watch out for some genuine great deals. I don’t do an annual sale in the shop, so I’m doing this instead. There will be extra fabric on selected orders, bundles of bag haberdashery, bundles of basic utility fabrics (such as wadding and calico) and sets of Moda fat quarter bundles. Each individual offer will be available, at a discounted price, for one hour only!


Back to the task in hand…next up is Rosa’s bag, named after my Sue’s adorable granddaughter, apparently this dusky shade of pink is this seasons hot property, we have teamed it with a beautiful silver grey, what do you think? It is a bit fiddly to make in places so not for an absolute beginner but once you’ve got your head round the zip area, it should be plain sailing. I love this little bag, as you can make it to coordinate with any outfit and it is ideal for leisure time; it would hold all your basic essentials whilst you have a great time, playing out.

bag pic

Third on the list, let’s shake things up and do something different. Here is our Green Man of the Woods, a wonderful emblem of the emerging spring season. He reminds me a bit of Parsley the Lion from the Herb Garden, do you remember the programme? Roberta has constructed him in the most simple way, I was pleasantly surprised when I wrote the pattern and realised how easy he actually is.


So you like ornamental dolls? How about our Steam punk Scarecrow called Seth? He is such fun to make, his clothes are unbelievably easy and if you are feeling cautious don’t forget that as a scarecrow you could always distress (code for disguise any cock ups) his clothes a bit, to give him your own spin. I would be really interested to know if you like the Steam punk theme as, if you do, we may a bit more of it.

scarecrow pic

So after a foray into the macabre lets return to the bags…

We brought you a bag, designed by Tracy Ankers, right back at the beginning of our Quilting Antics journey and it has sold and sold and sold. I can’t believe how many of you have loved it, so, using that as our inspiration I present to you the Crazy Chick bag. The fabrics are from the newest range of tweeds woven in collaboration with the National Trust and personally I think they are stunning, very chic.

crazy chick bag pic

Nearly at the end, we have been asked loads of times to do an across the body bag. I saw a bag aimed at dog walkers, where you had a hole, to pull your poopy bags through. I didn’t have any suitable rings to make the hole, so we appliquéd a dog instead! If you aren’t a doggy person, you could leave the appliqué off or simply swap it for something you like better.

daisy bag pic

Last but not least and just for a bit of a laugh, I give you the Doorstop Diva! It’s a doorstop in the shape of a handbag. If you filled it with something really heavy you could use it to keep everyone in check…I think I might be tempted to add some handbag jewellery, what do you think?


I hope you like our new designs. It’s a really scary thing when you launch new stuff as you could sink like a brick. I hope we have tried hard enough this month..

quilted stockings


I love this blog post as it is such a simple idea and such a simple pattern to share. Thanks Sam for giving us all inspiration 🙂

fixed on the unseen

I got the inspiration to take on this project from Pinterest (duh).


I learned to sew when I was about 15, and it’d been since that time that I’d sewn anything.  But I decided to whip out the ole sewing machine and give it a try.

First, I had to go to Joann’s and get a rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.  If you download their app they have a 50% off coupon, so it ended up being $30 instead of $60 for everything.


I got my fabrics from Hobby Lobby.  They came in a little bundle of 5, so I got 2.  The stockings would probably have been cuter if I’d selected each fabric myself, but this saved time and money.  I also got some thin batting and fabric for the stocking cuffs and liner.

Next I cut out all my squares at 2.5 x 2.5.  54 per side, 108 in all.  And…

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And the winner of the prize draw is…




I have been meeting myself coming backwards since I came back from the Festival of Quilts; which is why I didn’t get round to announcing the winner of my prize draw. By complete coincidence Barbara came in the shop today and was able to choose her own cutter, nice one Barbara, well done!

Festival of Quilts, NEC



Here’s a little taste of what is at the festival of quilts this year. I am unable to make a slide show via my I pad so will do that when I get home, this is one of my favourite quilts, I hope you will enjoy it too.
Quite a lot of people entered the prize draw today so good luck to you all and also a lot of Quilting Antics friends, old and new, stopped by for a chat, it was lovely to see you all, thank you for your visits. Hopefully I will meet many more of our community tomorrow but for now good night x

Prize draw


It’s official! If you shop at my stand D12 where all the fabric is £6 a metre leave your name and address with us and you will be entered into the draw to win a rotary cutter . Good luck, Tallulah and I look forward to seeing you at stand D12
Also find us at

Prize draw at the Festival of Quilts


Prize draw at the Festival of Quilts

So…lets see how many people read the blog…I am going to have a prize draw at the Festival of Quilts next week. If you come to my stand which is D12 you will be able to enter. I was pondering what the prize should be…any ideas? What would people think a worthy prize at the Festival of Quilts? Send me your ideas and I will pick one!

And the winner is…



Much excitement in the house tonight, all the names and addresses collected at Quilts Uk, Malvern were put into a hat and…drum roll…Congratulations Jean Smith, your name was pulled out of the hat You have won the Quilting Antics free show giveaway which is a selection of Clover Yo yo makers; I hope you really enjoy using them.

There will be another giveaway at the new quilt show at Spalding in two weeks time so keep checking back for the details