Plan, create, post, repeat…

Plan, create, post, repeat…
Harvest Bunting

Cor blimey, where is the time going this year? I began to write this post and had to stop as I had a bangeroony of a migrane. I saved a draft of the post and have returned to complete it just now…I checked the date, I can’t believe, it was the end of July when I wrote the first draft! (Now mostly deleted) It was really interesting to reread and realise how much water has gone under the bridge in just a month

Life has just been a whorl these last few months. We still have no premises to work from and I must admit it’s getting top of me now working from home, you can never get away from it, even for a moment. The telly is often on, as the rest of the family are also at home, so I’m either drifting into what they are watching or mentally trying to block out the drone. I don’t know about you, I have lost all perspective of time, I get out of bed in the morning, I feel to have achieved nothing, and all of a sudden it is 3 in the afternoon, I wonder where all that time has vanished to? Oh, and I have other distractions from work too, such as Ted who, when he’s not holding my full attention has his own dubious methods of claiming my attention back, such as lying on my keyboard to stop me working…is this the definition of a keyboard warrior?

So after months of spring cleaning, gardening, sorting and arranging, our Gaz, or Anna Donis as he has come to be known by some, has finally run aground. Using this to my advantage I’ve now recruited him for lopping and chopping duties. His maiden voyage has been to cut the gold and silver fabric we sold on t’ telly and I must say he’s not half bad!

He’s like a lamb to the slaughter but don’t tell him I said that before he’s started on the new stuff as I haven’t got time for bolshy staff.

George tried to make himself look important today, of all the places he could have curled up, whilst my back was turned for a moment, he climbed up on top my ‘stuff’. Our living room currently resembles a messy studio, I assure you its definitly not good for the soul. I felt terrible shooing him off his throne, the little tinker.

I’m still in a bit of a daze from yesterdays TV offering and am crazily collating all the bits and bobs needed for packing, we haven’t actually got around to stuffing our first mail bag yet, I like to have everything just so, then once we start to pack there are no interruptions, we just go for it! (A quick aside to say thank you to everyone who has supported us, this week, it means a lot to a small business like ours, especially during the current time of great uncertainty.) Also as another aside I want to say a huge welcome home to Roberta. Roberta used to work for me and suffice to say that life threw her a curved ball she had to give up. Whilst she’s not back on the books Roberta is now taking commissions from me and produced some splendid work which aired yesterday. Below are two of her projects. Welcome home Roberta 🥰

We nipped up to Scotland to see my son and his family recently, we had a wonderful few hours. The baby has turned one now, due not only the distance but all this corona horribleness I have only met her in person twice, which breaks my heart, I take comfort from he fact that I know I’m not alone in my pain this year. Despite that we have regularly FaceTimed and the beauty of this has been that whilst face to face she didn’t have a clue who I am, the little darling did know my voice so it helped massively. And even better big sister, who is an extremely shy little poppet was on great form, she has a very powerful magic wand and kept turning me into a ‘bum bum bee’ (cuteness overload) so I had to fly around the house and garden with my mini me bum bum bee following on behind, melts my heart.

Talking of grandchildren Sue illustrated these fabulous Christmas elf cushions from a photograph of her grandson James, we have called the one with the red hat Riddle and the other Jimmy after James

The lovely feeling of being relaxed didn’t last long once we returned from Scotland, I really do not know what happened, I was doing some polishing up of this weeks booklets before sending them to print, ready for packing this morning. I went to make a quick brew and when I came back the computer screen had gone blank!!! I had loads of open files in various stages of completeness and various stages of being saved; when you are working on the books of this size, you are often working over tens of pages at once and it is impossible to keep your saves bang up to the minute. So the result is…you guessed it…gone!!! 😩😩😭😭 gutted! I stayed up til about 3.30 this morning and got one of the books completed, so just the other to do now, I can’t bring myself to look and see how much work has been lost on it yet. Having already lost ground with the migraine, which hasn’t totally disappeared yet, I feel crushed 😓

So now we come to the end of this post, I’ve shared my life and bared my soul. Having just done a proof read, on balance, things aren’t that bad are they? We’re in a wonky old world and we just have to make the best of it. As crafters we are lucky we have our special crafty places to retreat to, we can get lost in our creative minds and dream of a better world. Oh, before I forget we are doing Facebook live sales again on Friday at 12 noon, 4pm and 7pm so drop by even if you aren’t interested in buying the tweed, its jolly good fun and you are welcome to join in the comments. Much love everyone.

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