Getting back on top. Secrets of a fat bird.

Getting back on top. Secrets of a fat bird.

Hi everyone so…its Sunday morning and I’m hard at work (minus the little distraction of writing my blog.) I’m going through a real period of change at the moment. It was the big 5 0 for me last year and there’s nothing like a milestone to make you think…and I did, I’ve done a lot of thinking and there have been a few realisations along the way. The biggest one for me is health, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the size zero kind of gal! With that in mind I trotted off to join a slimming club earlier this year and I have to say so far so good. I’m not going to preach to you because if your head isn’t in the zone, then your head just isn’t in it. This is my personal self help therapy, I hope making public my journey helps me stay on track and if I inspire someone along the way then that’s a bonus.

scales pic

I wish these were my ankles but alas no, they are some that I have claimed off the internet.

So I turned up at the end of March this year, not to my local slimming group, as I didn’t have the confidence with people I know and who may or may not judge me but in one about 20 miles away from home. OK its in the town where Leon dances so it isn’t like 20 miles into the unknown but I felt safer there. The first time I got on the scales, I just felt repulsed by what I had unconsciously become, mentally countering this by telling myself that I was still 1lb lighter than the last time I joined. I’m not ready to share my number yet but I hope as my journey progresses that I might find the confidence to own up.

Anyhow, I’ve got lots to loose so the pounds are still dropping quite quickly and so far in five months I’ve lost 2 stone 10 lbs. I’m really pleased  and feel completely different in myself; life is becoming more comfortable to physically bear. I know I could have lost more but I wanted to keep things real. My sacrifices so far are bread, butter and booze and I am eating so much fruit that I think I’m fermenting either that or composting!

This is an enormous step for me and I think I’ve confessed enough for this moment in time but I will come back and give you another instalment soon, I kept a few notes on my feelings at the beginning and I might pluck up the courage to share the secrets of a fat bird with you.

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  1. I am so impressed with you! As you know weight is also my life enemy,I eat fruit, no butter, no milk or fats! But I’m fat🥺🥺
    Well done .xxxxxx

  2. Brilliant! Well done! slow and steady is definitely the right way to go. I’m nearing the big 60 (!) and know I need to make some health choices myself, good luck with your journey 😁

  3. Well done! I really admire you for doing it, no matter how long it takes. I don’t live in your area and so have only met you at the wonderful weekend quilting retreats with Jennie Rayment you organised. They were a great ‘escape’ for me!

    Hope to see you sometime (but maybe ‘less’ of you).

    Take care,
    Anne Nequest,
    Skidby, East Yorkshire

  4. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Amongst other things, recently I lost a good friend which definitely caused me to consider my own mortality. I too have decided to sort myself and ‘my shape’ out. It isn’t easy and it can be lonely. It feels good to know I’m not alone anymore xx

  5. Well done you, I hit the big 60 and thought I should give my body all the help I could so joined a group too, it’s been so slow up and down but still lighter than I started and still plodding away. Because I’m doing it this time for Heath reasons, can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on “diets” this healthy eating seems to have made sense. Good luck to you. Xx

  6. Well done I’m on the same journey but I’ve had a lot to lose and all for health reasons. I’m 54 and found if my body isn’t going South it’s falling apart lol. I’ve lost 7 stone up to now still need to lose more but people ask how do you do it well I didn’t want to be ill so something in my head just changed for me I eat what I want but smaller portions and I move more and it’s working for me this time. Good look and keep going the benefits are great.

  7. From one fat bird to a less fat bird, well done, takes courage to go public and yes you are right something has to click Before you are ready to tackle it.
    Keep it up and I might join in one day soon
    Good luck x

  8. That is absolutely brilliant x keep going you can do it x you do not have to justify yourself to anybody but yourself x you have to love yourself as you are x and move forward x once again brilliant x what you’re do x keep it up x see you in October
    Jill Westbrook x

  9. Woooohooooo you go girl! That’s nearly 3 stone which is a great loss. Keep at it Anthea……we know it’s not easy but as the scales show your hard work it satisfying and you’ll be able to cope with your busy life style much easier.

  10. this is fantastic news Anthea! Good for you, you will never regret doing this based on health grounds alone, let alone everything else. I think this is so brave of you to talk about this, but being honest with yourself is most of the battle. One of my students started on this journey a few years back when she turned 50 and she has lost 9 stone!!! Over an 18 month period. She is a different person and I don’t think will ever go back, she still goes to the club to make sure she keeps on track. Good luck to you and keep going!

  11. So it was weigh in day today…lost 1lb. I am surprised i lost that as I was away at the weekend at Lytham for a 1940’short event. Seaside and the smell of fish and chips. I succumbed. But back on to healthier eating. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a treat. My intentions are to exercise more but find it difficult to motivate myself without my keep fit partner. (My son used to come with me but he’s moved out and works shifts…..he lost 3 stone and has kept it off. I am a proud mum) what helps others to keep motivated?

    • Well done! 1lb off is great when you’ve been away. Even though you went off plan you would still have been better behaved than if you weren’t part of a slimming group x keep it up x

  12. So pleased your head’s in the right place, nothing we can do if it isn’t. Finally at age 55 I finally feel in control of my eating, I do sw from home, lost 3.5stone so far but had a break over summer and maintained, that’s such a big thing and if I want a treat I go out to have it,nothing indoors 🤣 keep up the good work and you’ve inspired to see too xx

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