Linus Project

Linus Project

I am so very proud to share this story with you, obviously when you read the story you will see that the circumstances are terrible, tragic and not what you would wish for anyone. The reason that I am so proud is that the boxer shorts quilt was made here at quilting antics with blocks that were donated to us by loads of you for our Linus challenge day last year. So once again thank you.

We are repeating the challenge again, this time with a musical theme. I will try and attach the patterns to this post but just incase it doesn’t happen properly you can ring the shop and we will post patterns out to you on 01729 824708

linus quilt
linus 2


Hello you wonderful people, my two children received a beautiful quilt each today, given to them by their bereavement lady from Barnardos.
I will tell you a little about our story, my two children are 9 and 11 years old, and last year I had a baby girl called Alice, she looked prefect, but was a little sleepy and didn’t want to feed, but midwives felt she was fine, they sent us home from hospital, when alice was two days old she died suddenly in my husbands arms, we called an ambulance and tried everything to get her back, but nothing could be done, one of the hardest things we had to do was tell my two other children what had happened and seeing their hearts break in front of me, my oldest found it really hard as I had promised he could hold her after school, and he did the bravest thing he held her once she had died he was 10 years old at the time, some adults couldn’t face seeing her, but he did, he even kissed her goodbye.
Her birthday is in a few days the 9th October, so I have to say the quilts have just come at the right time for us, I do have a little good news and that I am 22 weeks pregnant but this leaves us with great uncertainty as this baby could have the same condition alice had, but this time the hospital know what to test for and look for, but I am sure the quilts will bring some comfort while I am in hospital to my children who suffer from anxiety when I am not around, so again I want to say thank you so much. Leone Edwards

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