Bang on Trend Lovely Wool Tweed

Bang on Trend Lovely Wool Tweed

Fate has a funny way of working and as I’ve got older I have learned that sometimes it is best to let it unfold on it’s own terms. Recently a friend of mine met a lady and the lady was promoting a new niche on behalf of her friends husbands mill (this story goes up three rungs of a family, accross several house moves bla bla bla.) The long and the short of it is that my friend bought some wool tweed off the lady and then knocked up the Christmas wreath below ‘The Holly and the Ivy.’

The Holly and the Ivy

Isn’t this gorgeous? It has been so utterly successful we have been selling kits and patterns  like hot cakes and run four classes teaching people how to make it and have another class planned this Saturday the 11th of October, (if anyone is interested we have had three cancellations today which means we have spare places available.)

I trotted off to the mill to get the bits and bobs of tweed that I would need to make the kits and when I got there my eyes nearly burst out of my head! Oodles and oodles of beautiful tweed in so many colours, patterns and plains…so much yummy yummy yummyness.

Initially I brought home the stuff for the kits and some sensible blue plaids and blue plains. We made a simple nine patch cushion and then asked people what they thought of it. The response was so good that it encouraged me to get my thinking cap on to come up with new ideas, the first being Mr Fox


I love that sly old dog and the tweed really lends itself to the woodland theme; so not content with just one cushion


Lil’ Wolly was born, isn’t he cute? I also remade Lil’ Wol in darker greens which in some ways is richer and far more luxurious. Then next came this little fella’


Bobby Bushtail! I didn’t think he was going to work at first but I put some chunky light coloured running stitches in his tail and they really brought him to life.  I made another Bobby Bushtail and this time I swapped the biscuit coloured background for a dark green and he looked even better than the original.

I hope you have enjoyed my little show and tell? Please excuse me but I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out I have to admit to bragging a little.

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