I’ve had a little word with myself…

I’ve had a little word with myself…

OK, so, its no secret this has been one extremely tough year for me, both professionally and personally but as my daughter Gem would say, I’ve ‘given my head a little wobble’, had a word with myself’ and here I am, bouncing back! Quilting Antics is still here and from now on the only way is up, up, up! There have been times this year when I’ve been a bit of an ostrich but hey ho, that’s my way of dealing with things sometimes. So to anyone who has been frustrated because I haven’t as we say in Yorkshire been ‘framing myself’ I apologise and from today will be getting back to business. I look forward to sharing many blog posts with you and hope that you will stay tuned.

Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean we haven’t been having any Antics, in fact just the opposite we have had quite a few which I’ll fill you in with over the next few posts. Today though I want to share with you a class we did with Michaela Smith on bear making, simply because I loved them so much and its as good a place as any to start, awwwwwww.


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  1. Absolutely gorgeous bears. Bet this was a fab class. Keep up the good work. Quilting Antics is a great place to be ( coffee and company always good) Oh and fabrics to die for. The new Tilda range is is soooooo pretty. Thanks Anthea for making your shop such a welcoming place to be. Xx

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