Antique Quilt

Antique Quilt

I am so very lucky, Quilting Antics is such a great place to spend your time. You never quite know who or what is about to come through the door and this week has been no exception. We have found our newest recruit, Averil, we haven’t set her start date yet but fate is certainly working its magic around Averil. Since our paths crossed recently Averil has been bombarded with ‘quiltyness’ not least her neighbour who is having a bit of a sort out showed her the exquisite antique quilt which I am about to share with you. If you click on the images you should be able to zoom in a bit and have a better look at this amazing piece of history which we think may have started life around 1903 just before the first world war and then been worked on again following the second world war on about 1947. I hope you enjoy the work as much as I did.

By utter coincidence I was also shown an embroidered silk cushion this week; originating straight out of the first world war. I will prepare the blog post and publish soon, I want to do a little more research on the historical message before I share it with you. If you think this post is historic brilliance be prepared to be astounded by the cushion and the history and stories that can be told through stitch.

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