Quilt Retreat with Anja Townrow


Happy New Year everyone!anja 5Many of you will have seen this beautiful quilt in the Fabrications magazine during 2013 as it was published as a ‘block of the month’ quilt. It is by the hugely talented Anja Townrow. We are lucky enough to have Anja coming to us to teach a quilt retreat from the 2nd to the 4th of May. Anja works primarily with Batiks which she often uses in applique and embellishes. What I love about Anja is that she shows us how to use Batik fabric to its best advantage.anja 4See how she uses the delicate pattern of the fabric to make her work realistic. Batiks are particularly good at helping you recreate natural works of art.anja 2This wall hanging would look sensational on my wall, unfortunately it’s on Anja’s. Once again see how she has used the patterns in the batik to help her recreate a real life environment.

anja 1

Yet again the fabric allows Anja to create beautiful subtle stylised  flora and fauna.

If you like what you see and would like to come and learn more, come and join us at High Trenhouse, Malham. Anja will be teaching a one day class on Friday 2nd May followed by a retreat which begins at 4.30 pm  Friday 2nd May until 4.30 pm Sunday 4th May.  To book your place  or find out more information, you can either e mail me at info@quiltingantics.co.uk or ring the shop on 01729 824708

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