Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton

Presenting Mandy Middleton;

15 months ago we started our first sampler quilt course at Quilting Antics. I remember that first session so well, there was hardly a sound 9 ladies, most of whom had never met before, sat in silence headaches developing because they were concentrating so very hard. By session 10 however you could barely hear yourself think because this new group of firm friends were chattering so much…it was wonderful!

Our ladies have all come on in leaps and bounds developing their skills every time they visit the shop. Today I want to share with you parts of Mandy’s journey. If I told you that the first session reduced Mandy to a quivering wreck you wouldn’t believe me now but its true…she was!!!!!


This is Mandy’s interpretation of Happy Scrappy Christmas, there is an unsaid competition among the students to ‘bling’ this wall hanging up, so it will be interesting to see what finishing touches Mandy adds.


Next comes Mandy’s textured landscape. All our students made their own landscapes from views which were important to them, I love how this one conjures up the Middleton’s farm.


Mandy came to our woven baskets class, the background and the basket are both made of woven fabric and dare I say it, Mandy’s sample is better than the class one (oops.)


A while back we ran a class on bag making, Mandy took her skills and has now created her own bag, to her own specifications clever lady!


This block is one from the improvers sampler quilt course Mandy now attends and is a twisted log cabin, basically taking the regular log cabin block and building on the design to take it to the next stage



Finally, look at this unique pheasant design which Mandy has appliqued to go into her improvers quilt.

Just see how your skills can quickly build and your confidence grow at our classes. If you fancy taking part in any of our classes, you can find out what we are offering by clicking the workshops and classses tab at the top of this page. Ring the shop on 01729 824708 to check on availability and we can book your place for you.

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