Looking back over 2013

Looking back over 2013

So much happens at Quilting Antics, its hard when I’m not blogging regularly to remember all the things that have happened! So what I thought I’d do is have a look at some of my unpublished photographs.

First of all there was the planking craze, do you know what that is? To plank you have to lay out straight in the most precarious place you can manage, for Hippy that was the dressing table in our hotel room…the photo is of my mum, Hip Chick, yes that’s right, ol’hippy the one and only. When she heard about the craze she couldn’t help herself…so when you next see her hobbling and bobbling about at the shows save your sympathy and think of this image instead.


Anyway the story plods on and someone just happened to mention the planking episode to Tweety Pie, then, guess what? Yes, you guessed it, not to be outdone, up she climbs onto the step stool and hey presto another plank gets her legs up in the air.


Nothing whatsoever to do with planking in the sense that  you have just read above…only Erika could pull this ‘look’ off, what a star. Erika is one of life’s all round good eggs and I suspect Peter Kaye’s secret script writer. I couldn’t resist but share this pic with you. This is Erika raising shed loads of cash for Marie Curie, a charity which supported not only Erika’s family but also ours through some terrible times. Keep up the good work lass you will always find support at Quilting Antics xxxxIMG_0386.JPG (2)

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