Retreat with Ferret

Retreat with Ferret

I would have liked to post this post earlier on in the week but hey that’s life! Following Monday’s Linus Challenge I have barely had a moment to myself as I am now at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate (stand A600 if you are going to be there call round and say hi.)

Last weekend we had Ferret with us at High Trenhouse, it was tremendous!

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She was with us on Friday and taught a masterclass on free machining, the students began by learning how to feed their fabric through their machines evenly; with loads of advice on needles, keeping your boobs out of the way, thread choices, using your machine properly and problem solving (which takes us back to the conversation on keeping your boobs out of the way when sewing.) Ferret was a hard task master but by the end of the day, as you can see in the slideshow, students were confidently beginning to machine complicated patterns best of all everyone enjoyed the day.

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On Friday evening we had a very entertaining talk where Ferret shared loads of her of anecdotes and allowed us to handle her quilts, inspecting her intricate machine quilting. It is so interesting when you get to find out about the person behind the stunning work. Unfortunately several extra people were supposed to join us but the fog on the top of the hill at Malham made it difficult to drive up to Trenhouse, so for all those who missed the evening rest assured we will be repeating it in July when hopefully the weather will be on our side. (Elaine I hope you are not too traumatised by your journey.)  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Diz for leading the way down the hill as it was really nerve wracking driving home, you are now redeemed for the last bad weather journey we made together hehehehe! 😉

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By Saturday morning we were all settled in and ready for the new class to begin. Ferret showed us how to  create one of her art quilts. I think we all felt incredibly daunted at first by the intricacy of the pattern, the colour choices, the order of the colours; in fact everything was daunting!!!!! I think we had all expected to be wizzing around with our machines but er…no…er…we spent all day and most of Sunday cutting out. This wasn’t ordinary cutting out, this was intense, mind altering, mega cutting out I would like to say on a grand scale but actually it was on a minute scale. If you had told me on Friday that I would have learned so much just cutting out, I would have scoffed but the process we learned was fantastic. Ferret showed us how to create our own patterns using an iconic image of Che Guevara which I found fascinating and felt by the end that I had the confidence to plan and manage my own art quilt, this was a huge step forward for me as I am quite traditional in many of my interests.

During the weekend we also planned Ferrets next visit to us in July 2014 we have decided that on the Friday we will continue with our master class on free machining and then over the weekend we will be making Ferrets own individual kind of wholecloth quilts.

Ferret fossil quilt

If you would like to come, get in touch as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as many of the group have already rebooked to have another go.

Thank you very much Ferret for a brilliant and very entertaining weekend 🙂

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  1. I had a Fabulous, Fun, Friday with Ferret. Initially I was somewhat apprehensive as my free motion quilting skills were zero but I was not the only one. We were soon put at ease and led gently but firmly in the right direction with Lots of swirls and twirls. We were given lots of advice and know how about our machines, needles and threads. During all this we had had good food as usual at High Trenham, a lovely place for a retreat in glorious countryside. Unfortunately I could not stop for the remainder of the weekend but have booked for Ferrets retreat next year.
    My appologies for this late comment but life got somewhat in the way. My Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Anthea and all at Quilting Antics and to all the lovely ladies I have met on various classes over the past year.

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