Touching base…



Hi everyone!

Once again I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging, as you all know I was quite a prolific blogger but I got out of the regular habit it has become sooo hard to get back into the swing of it. So here goes once again! I have trawled through my new pics to find a suitable headline for this post and the sexiest model I could find was Diz’s red hot sister Avril modeling the poppy she designed for remembrance day, using the Sizzix machine I borrowed from Tweety Pie, we were so impressed with it that the order has now gone in for our own machine plus zillions of dies which we are going to hire out to all you  lovely people.

Loads has happened since the summer months, new friends have been made, babies born , quilts finished…OK I’m joking about the finished quilts, tee he he he!



I’m not sure where to start with my post so I will just show you what we’ve been up to today and what we’ve got coming up. Today Denise has been box making, this is the third time she has done this class for us, I love to find out what people are going to use them for; the best thing so far is LSD!!!!!!!!! I hope the student who shall remain nameless was joking because she didn’t invite us to the party. Talking of parties, I went out with Diz last Saturday night, I took some amazing photos of her but the rotten devil made me delete them today…spoil sport. 


Tomorrow I will be preparing for Ferret’s weekend retreat with us, I am really excited about it and I hope that I will get the chance to take part in the classes. I will post pics of what we get up to so that you can share our treat.

Judiths beginners sampler quilt class and her intermediate class will be in on Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately I will miss the girls again as I will be up at High Trenhouse. Maybe I will get chance to do a bit of girl bonding at the December class


Then on Monday we have got our Linus challenge, so far we have had an unbelievable 51 boxer short blocks donated from all over the country,  huge thanks to all our benefactors; if you can drop in, even if its only for an hour, to give us a hand, you would be very welcome. Hopefully we will complete 4 single bed quilts in the day. The Craven Herald will be visiting us in the afternoon so we had better be on our best behaviour (that’s another joke!) all great  publicity for the Linus Project.

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