Tracy’s Fairy’s



Tracy’s fairy’s are just sooo sweet. I think that we will be producing fairy kits with the ton of stuff left over from this class. I asked Diz to create a few different looks as a starting point. We could have Christmas fairy’s, valentine ones, halloween, spring, wedding the possibilities are endless.
I love this one it is beautiful and reminds me of sleeping beauty

Shouldn’t every crafter have a scrumptious tray of bits and beads like these?


I’m sure a beautiful princess will emerge by the end of the day.

Bead and button arms are made by arranging beads and buttons of different sizes in a line and then threading them onto thread.


IMG_1292I love how Erika has made her fairy’s hair out of garden string! She has wound it round and round  and then couched it down using a contrasting thread which makes it look like the fairy hair has been braided.


So much going on, I love it when the tables are full of happy crafters and their things.


So stylish, she looks very attractive.IMG_1295


Is that a little beaded choker round her neck?
IMG_1296Fabulous dah’ling simply fabulous.

Even better we will be doing it all again on the 25th of October and there are still places left if you want to come.

Night night for now. Anthea 😉

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  1. Had a wonderful day making the fairy………improved immensely by a table full of cakes…….love quilting antics … only wish that it wasn’t so far away from my home address..

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