World’s Biggest Coffee Morning


World's Biggest Coffee Morning

Hello everyone, I’m back!

I apologise because I haven’t posted for ages, you know when you are busy spinning all your plates and then on the same day they all come crashing down? Well that happened to me around the time of the Festival of Quilts. I’ve had a few early nights, begun to get things back in order and I’m hopefully almost back on track. (No-one warned me that all this being self employed malarky means you actually have to work for your living!!!)

So to ease myself back into things and I know I should have let you all know sooner, we are taking part in the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning, I cannot state enough how great the work of Macmillan is; which I’m sure any of you who have been touched by cancer will agree.

Anyhow, I hope as many of you as possible will be able to drop by tomorrow and enjoy our coffee morning. We start at 10am and as ‘the kettle’s always on’ our coffee morning will last until 4pm!

Fingers crossed you’ll be able to pop in x

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