Not a bit star struck


We finally got round to it this morning and went to chat to the woman herself; who surprisingly only has one head two Arms and two legs the same as me. Unfortunately I don’t get an opportunity to airbrush a couple off dress sizes off myself with the I pad but hey ho worse things could happen.
In case you are new to Quilting Antics We now stock Lynette’s fabric beginning with Wildflower Wood it’s not on my website yet but you can get it by ringing the shop and telling us which fabrics you require.


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  1. Fab looking quilts behind you anthea ….the ‘hen’ one looks very interesting ……you know me and my hens……..hope you are having a good time and behaving yourself..xx Kate

  2. Had a fabulous day at Festival of Quilts, so much to see. Grateful thanks to Denise McGuire,, one of Anthea’s great tutors, who kindly gave me a lift to the NEC. Many thanks to Anthea as well, the stand looked amazing, gorgeous quilts. Absolutely punch drunk with so many different quilts, it’s hard to take in. Thanks again. Jean x

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