Today’s Bag Making Class


Another very productive class today, Michaela Smith from One Ginger Tom was with us teaching the principles of bag making. It was a brilliant class where every student was empowered to design and make their own basic bag. The ladies were shown how to make their bags bigger, smaller, fatter or thinner; armed with these tools they then designed, fiddled and diddled  a range of stunning bags of all shapes and sizes. I managed to snap 2 pics of nearly finished bags and I hope more completed ones will find their way into my shop soon to be photographed. See how different they look even though they are the same basic pattern.

Is there a Humphrey about

Is there a Humphrey about?

Don't be shy Liz

Don’t be shy Liz

Liz was also on our Convergence class a couple of weeks ago and brought in her finished wall hanging. She has really gone to town decorating it with Shishi mirrors and beads, it looks amazing and really twinkles in the light.

Liz's Convergence Quilt

Liz’s Convergence Quilt

Last but not least a wonderful surprise, Lynne has been collecting hungry caterpillar bits and bobs for a while now and look what she has designed and made herself…

lynne caterpillar 2 lynne caterpillar 3 lynne caterpillar

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  1. Had a fabulous day in the bag making class.Many thanks to Michaela for her great teaching and yourself for everything else; it turned into a very busy day. Mine is one of the ‘yet to be finished’ so hope to bring it in soon.

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