Look what yummy fabric I have ordered…


The rep called this week. I had, had a stern word with myself beforehand and made myself promise to myself that I would show this rep who is boss and refuse to order even a single bolt. Hey ho as most quilters I meet, those who usually start with the immortal words  ‘I wasn’t going to buy any fabric today’  I gave in at the first hurdle so have a look and tell me if I did the right thing.

Arriving in September.  About Town, from Whimsicals for Red Rooster. It is a very similar range to the owl one that they brought out last year, in fact I bet the two ranges would even work together they are so similar. You may have to click on the photo’s for a better look at the detail

Red Rooster Around town 1 Red Rooster Around Town 2








Next in October is My Sunshine from Riley Blake, very trendy fabric for big girls as well as little ones. A very contemporary range

Riley Blake my sunshine 2

Riley blake my sunshine 1












Last but not least in the new year (yes you did read that correctly) there will be a range called Giraffe Giraffe again by Riley Blake.

Riley Blake Giraffe Giraffe 2

riley Blake Giraffe Girrafe 1












So peeps what do you think? Am I on the right tracks?

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