Sandown Quilt Show


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Oh my God theSandown Racecourse quilt display is amazing! Ferret has her own display, her quilts are stupendous and she herself is an absolute gem. It was also wonderful to see so many familiar faces again today; thank you for calling at my stand.

I have photographed the quilts and started cropping them. The slideshow shows a few of them which I hope will whet your appetite. I will get cropping and show you more tomorrow.

Paula Doyle and Ferret are side by side just around the corner from my stand so I am loving being able to call round and have a chit chat at any time. Our stand is next door to Kim Shaw so I have also been admiring her fractured flowers. If Kim will allow me to I will snap some pics of her work to show you later next week.
Anyhow yawn yawn and all that its time for me to hit the sack. Good luck to Shoreliine and Furness whose quilt show opens tomorrow and don’t forget if you go to enter our free giveaway by dropping your name and address off at the stand. (same applies at Sandown.)
Na nite Big bird x

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