Techno wiz…not!


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Hi Everyone
I am so cross at myself, I haven’t posted for nearly a week and have been meeting myself coming backwards. Firstly I didn’t have any internet signal at Spalding which scuppered the free giveaway competition. No matter, I thought, I could still snap the pics of the beautiful quilts on display, of which there were many. Next catastrophe the silly camera decides it isn’t playing…then as if that wasn’t bad enough, I have got one of those new fangled fancy i phones. OMG! I can’t get the hang of it, probably because I never have enough time to sit down and do the learning. No matter I can manage the camera bit, so I snapped over 100 pics of ALL the quilts and sent them up to my new i cloud, next job is to retrieve all said pics from the stratosphere hummmmmmmmm and here we have hit another problem, it aint happening ladies! So for now please be content with the few images that I got of Linda Turner’s amazing quilts on my neanderthal digital camera. I did not know Linda prior to the show but having now spent three days on the stand next door to hers, I can now say she is an extremely talented and very lovely lady. We chatted about my retreats and I am hoping that I may be able to get her to come and do one for us. If you fancy coming on a retreat with Linda, let me know and I will try and arrange something. So for now, enjoy the pics and have a peruse through Linda’s website

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