What a Baby Shower weekend!


I feel like a spoil sport but I am going to drip feed the story of this weekend to you over the next couple of days mainly because I don’t have enough time to crop all the picky’s in one session.

Last September we began our first two sampler quilt classes and since that time as a group we have been through many trials and tribulations; which I would like to think that we have helped each other through and that Quilting Antics has been a place where ‘our girls’ can relax and escape their problems of the day.

However today’s post is not about a problem it is a celebration…Tess is having a baby! Unbeknown to Tess the girlies have made her a baby quilt, Natters (wise owl) was our mole as she moonlights at Chipmonks day nursery where Tess’ son goes and pumped her for info on ‘what sort’ she was expecting this allowed Michaela (aka Tallulah) to design the baby quilt, I hope you can appreciate it from the photos. Tess was completely caught by surprise which was brilliant , and I think it’s fair to say that she liked the quilt judge for yourself and have a look at the pic

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  1. Is wanting to have one of these pretty pink baby quilts for myself a good enough reason to wish i was pregnant in my late forties, with two children in their 20’s? Beautiful job, ladies

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