Five years!


Initially I began reading this post because of the fabulous embroidery but by the end it has really made me think about how precious life is. I hope you read the full story its riveting.

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Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve 150

Today is a special “birthday” of sorts – it’s the 5th anniversary of my heart attack. A good friend of mine recently celebrated 21 years of sobriety, and she says now that her sobriety birthday almost outweighs her actual birthday because it’s the day she really started living. I truly relate.

So first I’m going to tell you about my heart attack because I feel that its important to be of public service about this, especially for women. (Did you know that more women die of heart disease than breast cancer?) And then I’m going to tell you about how it has helped me to really start living.

Five years ago, I took a car ride with the grim reaper, literally. My heart attack started at 75 miles an hour, singing my head off to Bonnie Raitt, out on dark road coming out of DC when I had just lost cell…

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I am a quiltaholic! I love fabric and sharing my passion with other people. For me quilting is a shared hobby, one where new friends are around every bolt of fabric. Come and join me at my shop, Quilting Antics at Watershed Mill, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 9LR I will be open online...eventually... at I also have my own stand at most of the major quilting and sewing exhibitions and shows around the UK and love meeting customers new and existing on the stand. kindest wishes Anthea x

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