Box making and web site news


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Today we have run Denise’s box making class again, eight ladies came some of whom are now part of our regular gang and a few new ladies (welcome to you all) I have snapped a few pics of the boxes as they were being constructed and of the lovely end results. This course has been very popular both times we have run it and it is likely that we would run it again sometime; if you are interested in having a go let me know and I will put your name down.

Other news hot off the press. I have been to see the wonderful web people today and it looks like the website is going to be live within the week!

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  1. Please could you put me down as someone very interested in the box making class. Any chance it could be at a weekend or in the school holidays as I couldn’t do your last one. Thank you. Emily

    • Thank you for your message, I can put your name down with pleasure, it will be several months before we set a date for the next one and I will try and accommodate your request of day. Could you please e mail me your phone number as its easier to do a ring round when we are planning than wait for e mails.

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