Sewing or partying? Sewing hands down.


I didn’t intend to do another reblog so soon but I loved this pic and when I read the story…even better!

800px-Woman_sewing_with_a_Singer_sewing_machine(Image from

Hey lovelies! Is it me, or is sewing now the new equivalent to partying? Everyone seems to be up and sewing and making their own clothes. People seem to be joining sewing clubs, and sewing blogs seem to be all anyone’s talking about!

One example of this new trend, is when The Sewing Bee was recently aired on the BBC. Many fashion-obsessed maniacs, including me, watched with awe and wonder, and took to the world of sewing with a leap in our step! It truly inspired me to get out the old machine and start decorating and customising some old tops and jeans. Hopefully I might even get round to making some clothes!

Company magazine have also recently mentioned how sewing has made a big come-back, and their former columnist Jazz Domino Holly is now said to be the Queen of Crafts, giving sewing a new name…

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  1. Muchas gracias, por dedicarle tiempo a esta maravillosa pasión. Me han ayudado a ampliar mis ideas y conocimiento en esta área. Debo confesar que yo he empezado con proyectos pequeños. Y en mi gusto por las antigüedades encontré en la web este sitio dónde encontré ideas vintage muy bonitas. Espero que les sirva. Hasta pronto. Nuevamente gracias!

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