Back to reality after my latest Indian adventure.


I am sooo envious of this group of ladies, they have lived my dream! One day I will visit India too and be emersed in it’s culture, I love everything about it.

Erin Hill Sketching KL

8 women descended on India for a total immersion into cultural overload. Over 16 days we honed our bargaining skills, learned about the intricate artistry of textile production and decoration, were treated to unparalleled hospitality and established new lifelong friendships from opposite sides of the globe.


Along the way we also learnt a little about India’s tumultuous past, it’s colourful characters and visited wonderful World Heritage locations.

It wasn’t all sightseeing and shopping although, what a treasure trove of collectibles this was:


Inspiration was everywhere, man made:




and natural.

Unimaginably decorative patterns and a rainbow of colours were everywhere.



We also experienced a bit of royal fun:


appreciated ancient techniques



and even learnt new skills from the masters themselves!

I wonder how many of us will incorporate that into our next endeavours?

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