Quiltofax Pattern


I have received a lovely e mail from Suzanne Smart. Suzanne bought a Quiltofax pattern from me at one of the shows and has successfully made it. So here I would like to show off Suzanne’s pictures. I am even more pleased because this is not an easy pattern for beginners. If you would like to purchase your own copy of the pattern for £4.50 please message me and I will sort you out!

Quiltofax 3 Quiltofax 1 Quiltofax 2 (2)

Suzanne advises, my tip would be to make sure that you label everything once you start cutting out.
As I said I didn’t put the flower on the front as I was eager to get started and was going to put my sister in laws name or and initial on the front….. then just ran out of time in being able to give it to her for her birthday. She’s always got it with her. She tends to cross stitch and it’s been ideal for that.

Well done Suzanne, you have made a fab job and thank you for letting me share your pics with the world!

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