Arts and Crafts Block of the Month



Today we have had a fabulous first day at the Spring Quilt Show at Detling near Maidstone in Kent. Last October saw the first quilt show at Detling and as a first time show it was OK but this time there have been sooo many more visitors that I’m sure if the numbers stay up over the weekend it will become a regular feature on the annual show calendar.
It was also great to see familiar faces and it is for familiar faces that I am writing this post, namely Anne and Brenda who signed up to both our block of the month quilts and I’m pleased to say are enjoying them and finding that it is running well (except the odd little teething problem on our behalf which we have now fixed…phew!) As I promised ladies this post is a picture of the Arts and Crafts quilt so that you can see exactly what is coming next.
I hope you continue to enjoy the BOM’s
warmest wishes
(aka Big Bird)

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    • Hi Jenny. I should have explained properly this isn’t a new BOM, its an old one which sold out several months ago, before I started blogging regularly. I met some ladies yesterday who are on block 7 and they wanted to see a pic of the completed quilt, hence my post. I am currently preparing another ‘Arts and Crafts’ style BOM and once it is finished will post it on here for approval. If you are interested in the new one you will be very welcome to join in.
      kindest regards

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