South West Quilters


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Morning everyone! Especially to Tracey Driver from the Culm Valley Quilt Co, it was lovely to meet you.
Gosh I’m worn out this morning; after working at the show yesterday and then the breaking down procedure it takes a lot of you, so its a very chilled out morning I think. Also anyone who was at the show will know that I had a little helper and I think he deserves a little bit of mummy time too. As you will see my little helper managed to get himself into several of the quilt pics.
This slideshow was intended to be of South West Quilters work but I think I may have jumbled up some of the pics with a group from Glasgow (oops) anyhow enjoy my slideshow and I will do another showing the rest of the quilts very soon

Enjoy your day
Anthea (aka Big Bird)

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    • He was absolutely brilliant, things could have been so different but they weren’t he was a treasure. It was also great to meet South West Quilters and I look forward to meeting you all again next time x.

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