Project Linus


Project Linus

I am pleased and honoured to announce that Quilting Antics is now a collection point for Project Linus quilts. This marvelous project is a volunteer organisation. Which aims to provide a sense of security and comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted/crocheted blankets, and give volunteers across to UK the opportunity to contribute to their local community. I f you would like more info check out their website at Project Linus

You will find info on how you can become involved and sizes of quilts that are required. A little bird tells me that they are desperately short of quilts for teenage boys, so that seems like a good place to start. I’m going to get cracking on mine straight away.

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    • Likewise, I’m a bit ashamed that my pic shows the quilt to be so creased but you get the idea. I managed to pinch the Linus logo off the website, if you want me to announce anything for it do let me know and I can do a post. x

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