The glamourous life of a patchwork and quilter



Arrived at Olympia 8.57 only to sit on the roadside in a queue because the jobsworth marshalls wont let us in until 9 prompt

About quiltingantics

I am a quiltaholic! I love fabric and sharing my passion with other people. For me quilting is a shared hobby, one where new friends are around every bolt of fabric. Come and join me at my shop, Quilting Antics at Watershed Mill, Settle, North Yorkshire, BD24 9LR I will be open online...eventually... at I also have my own stand at most of the major quilting and sewing exhibitions and shows around the UK and love meeting customers new and existing on the stand. kindest wishes Anthea x

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      • Thought you might! I met you in Edinburgh at the Quilt Fair on the Friday. I was the dozy bint who didn’t know how to even choose fabric and you very kindly helped me out with some golds and browns. Can’t wait for you to get your shop online cos your prices were excellent at the fair.

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