Feeling your aches and pains today?



Him indoors, also known as ‘Hen Pecked’ (he’s an honoury Canary Girl) has been having a bit of trouble with sciatica lately, although to hear him moan you would think the limb has been mutilated with a blunt spoon. Anyhow the long and the short of it is he stumbled upon some amazing cream at Holland and Barretts, it is called Manuka Doctor and costs £20 (or you can do buy one get one half price.) The resulting pain relief has been incredible and he has been  dropping his trousers left right and centre in order to reapply cream to the affected area.

Today, mum and I met up to get ready  for the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show at Olympia and having done so compared our aches and pains (mum won.) Hip Chick has some real aches and pains, not like most of us who just moan a lot. I told her about Gary’s magic cream and we bought a tub of it; guess what it works! YIPPEE! Nice 1 we will be slapping it on like sun cream to get us through the weekend.

Just to reassure you I don’t pass on all pain relief tips. The last time I received advice was at the Festival of Quilts where one of our customers, prior to throwing a chocolate willy at me, told us all that rubbing your hands up and down a vibrator was an excellent aid for arthritis in your hands…..oo er Mrs!

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