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  1. Hi anthea ……just a short note to let you know what a brilliant time I had on the beginners quilting class and am looking forward to the next one. I have booked to go on the landscape day but on reflection have decided to cancel hope this does not cause you too much inconvenience. I have decided to buy a sewing machine but don’t want to pay masses amount as am not sure of useage yet…..thought between £80 and £130…….. Can you recommend anything… Regards Kate butler

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    • Hi Kate I’m so glad you enjoyed the day, I hope you didn’t think me rude when I disappeared…I started with that blooming norovirus! I won’t be in the shop the next time you are in so have a chat to Denise about machines she will give you independent advice. My immediate advice is to hang on and really think about what you want from your machine. If you find you enjoy quilting you may want specialist functions. Buying a machine can be confusing as often sellers will push functions which you don’t really need at the expense of specialist functions that you do need. You are welcome to hire my machines in the meantime. See you soon. Anthea x

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