What a busy fortnight


It has been more than a week since my last post, this is because I have been a very busy bee. Last week it was the Edinburgh Quilt Show where I had a stand and spent much of the week being verbally abused by my very good friends Carl the ‘Barrow Boy’ from Middlesbrough and Laughing boys Charlie and Billy Wizz from Empress Mills near Colne. (I am sure there is a word in KFC jargon which sums the boys up but that means a return visit to read the jargon poster.) I will share the quilt photos as soon as I have time to create the slide show.  There are also a few pieces of news which came out of the show and I will share these titbits all in due course.

Yesterday however I went to St Hughs Sewing Group at Baildon, I met a wonderful bunch of ladies and felt completely at home there, the atmosphere was so warm and friendly; I met a lady who came to visit the shop when I first opened and discovered her identity is the one and only…Miss Marple! I have posted a few photos of the girls.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday we have beginners sampler classes going on in the shop which will be a hoot. So for now I think an early night is in order, hopefully I am back to blogging regularly again. Chat soon, bye for now everyone!

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