My Beautiful Natalie’s first ever quilt



My beautiful daughter Natalie has resisted all attempts to join me in my beloved patchwork and quilting hobby…that is until she wanted a part-time job for mummy dearest.
My little girl agreed to learn enough to get by when talking to my customers; I am now delighted to announce she is hooked. Mum gets the last laugh then Lalie…?

This is her very first quilt, do you recognise the design? It’s a convergence. I love the fabrics that she has chosen, they remind me of a city Skyline…perhaps New york? We have just had a quick conflab and it has now been christened Convergence in the Big Apple.

Tomorrow I am trekking up to Edinburgh with my lovely little boy Leon. The reason that I am going is because I will have a stand at the Spring Quilt Festival which will be at the MacRobert Pavilions, Royal Highland Showground, EH28 8NB. If you are available come round and visit, zit’s not the biggest show on the circuit but it does have a lovely feel to it, really intimate. The Scottish people are so friendly it makes the long journey worth it. The reason that Leon is going with me is because it is half term holidays here. He is so excited, we are going to go round Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday before we meet up with my parents and my lovely friend Marie. Leon is going to be spoilt rotten.

Before I forget to mention it we are repeating the convergence quilt class on Saturday the 15th June, if want to have a bash let me know and I will add your name to the list.

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