Stitches Trade Show NEC Birmingham


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Today I went to the trade show at the NEC in Birmingham. I took Dizzy Duck, her Chicklet and Tweety Pie with me. (Eileen, Amy and Rachel my Canary Girls in case you were wondering.)
I had a few things on my shopping list; firstly, I wanted to look at stranded cotton, I am pleased to report that I have arranged for the full range of DMC stranded cotton to come into the shop in the next few weeks. Just in case anyone is struggling for ideas on how to use it I bought a load of stitchery books too. Then just in case any traditional patchworkers felt out I bought a selection of patchwork books including Lynne Edwards’ sampler quilt book which as we all know is a must when you are learning how to make your first blocks. My final acquisition is a new PFAFF sewing machine which has not even been launched yet. It was so secret that to have a go on it we had to go into Tom’s grotto, a secret little area behind a screen so that no one could take a photo of the machine. The result was lovely and I have placed an order, so watch this space.
The final thing that I want to mention today is the Sizzix fabric cutter. I have had a good look at it and am planning to bring the ‘Sizzix Big shop Pro’ into the shop so that customers can come in and hire it. In a few days, once I have had chance to look at the web site I may call on you for your opinion of which way to go with it.

Well after a very long day I am absolutely wacked out so, thank you for taking the time to read my blog but for tonight, that’s all folks!

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