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I just had to share these snaps with you. Bruce our beloved French Lop Rabbit has been into Leon’s school for a show and tell session. Because as any working mum will tell you, its hard to fit everything into one day I decided that to save a trip home to collect him, I would take Bruce to work. He is an extremely chilled out bunny and made himself more than comfortable in the shop. In fact he was an incredibly popular addition to the shop with customers, I don’t suppose people expect to see big friendly bunnies flagged out accross on the shop floor?
We had a brilliant session at school, though unbeknown to the teacher, I only just stopped Bruce in time before he bit through the wires on the class computer (whoops.) Then to top the day off Leon was presented with the Achiever of the Week’ certificate because he was the only one in his class to complete the ‘cog challenge’. Big cheer for my lil’ man.

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    • He certainally is a character but not quite as clever as a puppy, he has learned to beg, which he does in front of the settee but he hasn’t worked out yet that he needs someone to be sat there to make it sucessful. teehee

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